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Physics Classes - Summer 2020

This summer the Physics Department is offering the following online classes for Oxy students:
Classes                                  Prerequisite
General Physics 1                  Calculus 1
General Physics 2                  Calculus 2
Instructor: Dr. Jean-Luc Gauvreau 
Lab Instructor: Dr. Gabriel Freiman
Dates: June 1st - July 31st  (9 weeks)
We are planning to offer Phys 115 and Phys 125 concurrently online.  Please note that Phys 115 has Calculus 1 as prerequisite and Phys 125 has Calculus 2 as prerequisite. We plan to start on June 1st and end on July 31st for a grand total of 9 weeks.  There will be one hour of lecture on a daily basis in the morning and a session of Lab in the afternoon on a weekly basis.  The lectures and labs will both be given via Zoom.  Lectures will be live and interactive while labs will be pre-recorded.  
You can find more information here about tuition and deadlines for the Oxy summer session.    Registration for the courses will be done via a 4 unit Independent Study Course.
Below please find the links to the pre-filled registration forms for each course:
Thank you for your interest.
Jean-Luc Gauvreau:
Gabriel Freiman:


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