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This page covers the Physics Department policy on course exemption for our introductory Physics courses (Physics 110, 115, 117, 125 or 230).


Did you get a score of 5 on the  Mechanics AP Physics C exam? If so, you have an automatic exemption for Physics 110 or Physics 115. If you wish to use this exemption, we encourage you to first consult with your academic advisor to make sure the exemption is appropriate for your major or program. In particular, if your major or future plans (medical school, for instance) require any of these courses, you should check with your departmental and/or pre-professional advisor before opting for the exemption. To receive the course exemption and register for the next physics course, bring proof of your AP exam score to the instructor who will sign the prerequisite override form. This exemption is for placement purposes only; you will not receive course credit for Physics 110, 115, 117, 125 or 230 specifically.

Have you passed a college-level Physics course elsewhere? If so, an exemption may be possible if the course was calculus based and had a lab component. Contact the current Chair of Physics to see if a course you have taken qualifies.

Are you interested in taking a physics course over the summer in order to exempt out of a physics requirement? If so it is important that you clear the course with the Chair of Physics before you take it. Again, contact the Chair of Physics.

The Physics Department no longer offers exemption exams.

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