Justice is Served
Dubbed the "Smiling Assassin" as a prosecutor, Jacqueline Nguyen '87 now wields a gavel as the first Vietnamese-American woman appointee to the California state judiciary
Heart Like a Wheel
Undeterred by life's obstacles—including the 15 surgeries he's endured related to his rheumatoid arthritis—Professor Roger Boesche and wife Mandy share a love for the world, adventure, and...
The Grateful 8
Before Kwame Do '16 became SCIAC's all-time rushing leader in football, he had to rekindle his love for the game. It's a good thing for Oxy that he did
Role Model
Whether it's Christopher Columbus, Frederick Douglass, Huey Newton, or Rodney King, writer-performer Roger Guenveur Smith '77 brings his subjects to life with reams of research and a touch...
The Life Aquatic
Scouring the oceans, Dieter Cosman cultivated—and meticulously documented—a singular collection of shells from around the world. Now his legacy could trigger waves of discoveries in the...
Urban Legend
Professor Bob Gottlieb was a champion of environmental and social justice causes long before they became fashionable. Students and colleagues celebrate his influence and impact
Doing Arizona Proud
Freshman Rep. Demion Clinco '02 attended a reception at the White House with the Obamas after standing up for gay rights. But jumpstarting the state's economy is his main agenda
Bullish Over Broadway
Corey Brunish '77 has been a fixture of the Portland, Ore., theater scene for decades—and with his recent triumphs as a Tony-winning producer, he's conquering the Great White Way as well
Acclaimed and unsettling, Blackfish is a high-water mark for documentary filmmaker Gabriela Cowperthwaite '93. What does its success bode for her career—and what will the fallout be for...
Secrets of the House of An
Catherine An '02 never set out to join her parents and sisters as a restaurateur, but the chance to create her own niche proved as irresistible as Mama's garlic noodles
Bright Idea
Entrepreneurs Richard Highsmith '10 and Noah Applebome '10 charge into the burgeoning solar backpack market with affordable, portable power. Can BirkSun elbow its way to the mountaintop?
Taking Home Oscar
Technically, he got a medal, not the world's most recognized trophy. Still, Raffy Cortina '13 made Oxy history by winning top honors at the Student Academy Awards with his short Bottled Up