Oxy History

Still Clueless After All These Years
Two decades after Alicia Silverstone and crew stormed into shopping malls and cinemas, a new book and a popular blog document the timelessness of Clueless —and Oxy's role in its making
The Road to Eagle Rock
A visionary president, an ambitious land syndicate, and a leap of faith led Oxy from the comforts of Highland Park to its permanent home—but it didn't come easy
Mmm! Mmm! Gold!
Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer Jonathan Gold adds an honorary degree to his plate—and serves up 10 tantalizing Eagle Rock and Highland Park dishes
Stars in Stripes
As Occidental prepares to induct its inaugural class into the Athletics Hall of Fame during Homecoming & Family Weekend, the playing field has never been more level for men and women...
13 Alumni Who Shaped Los Angeles
From planning the freeway system and aiding the conservation movement to bringing the Dodgers and the Olympics to town, Oxy alumni have been integral to the development of the City of...
Trophy Lives
If these mementoes from the Roy Dennis Trophy Room could talk, they would share many stories of Oxy's rich sports heritage
On Location
In a banner year for TV and film production at Oxy—including "NCIS," "Private Practice," and "CSI"—"Arrested Development" sneaks onto campus as the Bluth family saga springs back to life
Multiple Personalities
Oxy's oldest—and most popular—Oswald logo was created in the 1930s by a decal manufacturer in Los Angeles. And boy, did he get around. Here's the untold story of one tiger's many aliases—...
President Emeritus John Brooks Slaughter
Life After 100
Concurrent with President Richard Gilman's retirement and John Slaughter's inauguration, Occidental marked its centennial year with a revitalized mission and unforeseen challenges. Oxy's...
A fox squirrel on the Occidental College campus in 2001.
Squirrels Among Us
From Fall 2001: They’re as endemic to the Oxy campus today as orange and black, but half a century ago Sciurus niger was a stranger to California