A vendor can be either a company or an individual from whom the College is purchasing goods or services. Here is some information for how to get set up with a new vendor.

W-9 Form

  • The W-9 form is an Internal Revenue Service form that indicates a taxpayer's identification number and certification.  IRS regulations require all businesses to obtain tax payer identification numbers for vendors, individuals and contractors with which they do business with.
  • If a department is going to do business with a vendor or individual for the first time, a W-9 form needs to be requested before the product is ordered or the service is rendered.
  • A W-9 is required for all new vendors.  The College is required to report certain payments to the IRS.  This IRS form gathers all the pertinent information we need in order to comply with IRS regulations.
  • It is not necessary to submit a new W-9 for an address change, however, you should notify the Accounts Payable office if there is a change of address.


  • The College is exempt from federal and state income taxes but is required to pay California sales tax on all purchases.  In the ordinary course of business, sales tax is charged to the end user of the product.  Re-sellers, such as the Bookstore are in the business of buying goods and reselling the same goods, therefore do not pay sales tax when they purchase said items but collect the sales tax when these items are sold to the end user.
  • Our Tax ID (EIN) number is 95-1667177.
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