Guidelines for processing of payments.


  • Invoices must be submitted to Accounts Payable by 5:00pm on Friday in order for a check to be processed within two weeks.
  • All invoices must include a Fund, Organization, Account and Activity code (if applicable) and a budget manager approval signature.  Any missing information will delay check processing.
  • Only the department head or budget manager have the authority to approve an invoice for payment.
  • State law requires that we have the original invoice for payment.
  • To confirm payment, you can contact Accounts Payable at x2848 or via email:  Please include the vendor name, invoice number and amount.


  • The Services and Supplies Account List can assist you when categorizing your expense types.
  • Ensure you have provided Accounts Payable a completed contract/task order/work order for ALL service related expenses. Review the Contracts Policy for additional information.
  • Current students are not permitted to work as independent contractors; any exceptions must be approved in advance by the Office of the General Counsel.
  • Difference between a stipend and a study grant:

    Stipend - Stipends are generally taxable income.  Stipends are often provided to those who are ineligible to receive a regular salary in exchange for the duties they perform, such as interns.  A stipend is usually lower than a salary would be, but the recipient is at the same time able to gain experience and knowledge in a specific field.

    Study grant -  A study grant is an amount provided for the benefit of an individual to aid in the pursuit of study or research.  It is a form of financial assistance awarded primarily on the basis of academic achievement and vocational and professional objectives.  Generally, students are not required to render services to the school as a consideration of their awards or to repay them.  The amount awarded for study grants is taxable, but the College is not obligated to withhold taxes or send a 1099 tax form. All Study Grants require a signed award letter to be processed by Accounts Payable.  Please contact Lupe Salmeron at x1423 for assistance.
  • Honorarium payments may not be issued to business owners, partnerships, sole proprietors, independent contractors, consultants, performers, actors, entertainers, models, artists, or temporary or casual laborers. The College employee facilitating an honorarium payment must submit a check request with supporting documentation such as a flyer or email announcing the individual's participation in a speaking event, workshop or panel to the Business Office for payment.  Review the Contracts Policy for additional information.

Nonresident Alien Payment Processing

  • Provide the payee a copy of the Tax Compliance Notification Sheet for completion.
  • Submit the completed form, check request/invoice and supporting documentation to the Accounts Payable office.
  • For additional information, please contact Lupe Salmeron at x1423 or Shirley Wang at x2953.

Employee Compensation

Direct Deposit

  • Direct deposit is available to employees for advances and expense reimbursement.  It is also available to students for student reimbursements.
  • We encourage everyone to take advantage of this service.  You can review further information via our website /business-office/payroll/direct-deposit.
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