The Business Office administers the Occidental College MasterCard Program. The MasterCard is issued by Community Bank and gives direct buying power to authorized employees.

An employee is eligible for a MasterCard when warranted by a business need and with approval from both the employee's vice president and the College controller.

The MasterCard is issued based on the College's line of credit, therefore, there are no credit checks conducted of applicants. The MasterCard is an institutional-liability card, which means that the college pays the cardholder's monthly statement in full. All cardholders are responsible for reviewing program policy, reviewing and completing the cardholder agreement, and submitting a completed and approved MasterCard expense report to the program administrator by the 20th of each month.

To apply for an Occidental MasterCard, complete and submit the application form and cardholder agreement to the program administrator. 

Oxy MasterCard Program forms:

MasterCard Program Administrator:

Nicole Placensia, Business Office Manager
Arthur G. Coons Administrative Center 114 / Mail Stop: M-20
Phone: (323) 259-2660


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AGC Administrative Center

Rooms 100, 114, 117
1600 Campus Road M-20
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