Career Services appreciates the support of our employer partners to maintain professional hiring practices when recruiting Oxy students.

Career Services respectfully requests that employers who recruit at Oxy provide a minimum of 1 - 2 weeks for candidates to accept or reject an offer of employment. All job offers should be given in written form with clear salary, benefit, and timeline information. Career Services is able to provide unbiased counsel to students who have received an offer in order to support them in their decision making process.

Employers who retract an offer of employment after it has been accepted by a student will be under review for any future recruitment at the college.

Students who renege on an accepted offer of employment will be required to meet with a Career Services staff to review their participation in future on-campus recruitment.

Career Services is committed to the NACE guidelines of Professional Conduct for College Career Planning, Placement and Recruitment and expects the same from our employer partners and students.

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