If you are concerned about a student, Oxy's Student Success Team is here to help.


The Care Team is a cross-disciplinary group of experts and professionals who work to support the well-being and success of Oxy students by identifying individual students-of-concern and developing holistic, personalized responses. Working in partnership with community members, the Care Team delivers appropriate, proactive and effective interventions that reflect the Culture of Care at Oxy. 


Inspiring growth and success by fostering a caring and collaborative campus community united in helping students overcome the challenges that arise where education and life intersect.

Members of the Care Team

  • Vivian Garay Santiago , Co-Chair, Care Team, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Associate Dean of Students
  • Tahn Park , Co-Chair, Care Team, Assistant Dean of Students for Student Support and Director of Restorative Practices  
  • Mariam Ashchyan , Interim Director, Disability Services
  • Carolyn Brighouse , Associate Dean for Student Academic Affairs
  • Evelyn Chan , Lead Nurse Practitioner, Emmons Wellness Center 
  • Asya Cook , Assistant Director for Residential Education and Housing Services
  • Linda Doo , Interim Case Manager, Disability Services 
  • Rob Flot , Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
  • Joe Gonzalez , Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Medicine, Athletics  
  • Kathryn Leonard , Associate Dean for Curricular Affair; Professor, Computer Science 
  • Kim Lundy ,   Assistant Director of Campus Safety 
  • M.D. Matlock , Associate Director of Residential Education and Housing Services 
  • Rick Tanksley , Director of Campus Safety

How to refer a student to the Care Team?

Should you have any concerns or questions about supporting a distressed Oxy student, please contact the Dean of Students office at (323) 259-2661.  If you have concerns about a student and the Dean of Students office is  closed , please take the following steps:

  • If the concern is  urgent  in nature and requires  IMMEDIATE  follow-up, please contact Campus Safety at 323-259-2599. Campus Safety can activate the 24/7 duty response system. There is always a professional staff member on-duty and a Dean-on-Duty that is available to oversee and supervise emergent crisis issues. 

  • If the concern is serious but not urgent, please submit an Oxy Care Report report (available to staff and faculty via MyOxy>>My Gateway). Concerned individuals who are not staff or faculty, can email Vivian Garay Santiago or Tahn Park to share concerns.

Contact the Care Team via the Dean of Students office: (323) 259-2661

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