As a Media Arts and Culture student, you will have access to a variety of equipment and facilities throughout the semester.

Equipment and facility access is a privilege and may be revoked based on failure to comply with policies, and or failure to keep up with academic work in the course. It is very important that you follow the policies outlined on the following pages for the fairness and safety of all students. Only students enrolled in Media Arts and Culture classes (or students who have an independent study with an authorized instructor) are allowed to use the Occidental College video equipment and facilities. By checking out and utilizing Occidental equipment and facilities, you agree to use equipment, computers, and departmental spaces in direct accordance with the policies and procedures as dictated by the Occidental College Media Arts and Culture faculty and this Student Production Handbook.

Occidental’s insurance policy only covers General Liability, which is intended to cover bodily injury or liability issues, not equipment, technology, or facilities repair/replacement. Property (be it equipment or a physical location) is not covered. Any equipment, technology, software, or facilities abuse or neglect (broken camera, a damaged floor, etc.) will result in direct financial responsibility for any and all replacement or repair costs, and may well result in disciplinary action that could lead to the severance of some or all of your equipment and lab privileges.

If you are an authorized student seeking to reserve equipment or a department room (Weingart 6 or 10), visit our Equipment and Room Reservations Page.  

Contact Media Arts & Culture
Weingart 109
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