There are a number of exciting opportunities for Media Arts and Culture students to apply for grants, fellowships, and research/media project support art the intermediate and advanced levels.


ASP Grants from the Undergraduate Research Center provide students with funds up to $300 for creative and research-based academic projects during hte academic semester. ASP Research Travel Grants provide up to $1,500 in research travel funds for summer and winter session travel. There is also There is also support for Academic Conference Travel  support through the URC.



For students interested in conducting international research or study, Richter Fellowships provide funding for 8-10 weeks of international summer travel. MAC students have used these fellowships to lay the groundwork for compelling comprehensives work in the past.



Los Angeles is a premiere global destination for primary research in the media arts and critical media studies. The city is also emerging as arguably the most vibrant site of contemporary art practice in the United States. The Undergraduate Research Center provides funding for students to pursue self-directed summer research projects in Los Angeles in conjunction with a faculty mentor. There are also a number of Mellon Arts & Urban Experience Grants and Institute for the Study of Los Angeles Internship and Research Grants that permit students to work and conduct research with a Los Angeles arts or cultural organization. The Hameetman Career Center’s summer Intern LA Program provides funded experiential learning posts with a number of Los Angeles arts organizations. Additional paid summer internships in the arts are accessible through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission and the Getty Multicultural Institute. Many students have used these opportunities, particularly in the summer before senior year, to develop compelling comprehensives work. Taking advantage of such programs will not only alleviate some financial burdens but will also undoubtedly deepen the rigor and complexity of your senior capstone work.



Be sure to talk early on in your Occidental career, and frequently throughout it, with your faculty advisor about possible national awards or post-graduate fellowships for which you might be a strong candidate. Information and direct counseling on awards can also be found through Occidental's Office of National Awards. Some of these permit project-driven post-graduate research or travel. Others provide funding for graduate study. Others still are simply merit-based awards, some are focused on fostering minority groups, and many reward service and leadership. MAC students have successfully applied for a number of national awards, inclusding Fulbright Creative Arts Research Fellowships. 

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