One of the important steps in pre-production is assembling your crew.

Filmmaking isn’t about doing everything yourself: good directors and producers understand how to delegate tasks and surround themselves with people who can bring different talents and skills to the table. The key to a successful production is recognizing what you can do and what you need help with, and finding people who are willing to work with you.

As you start to look for a crew, remember that your friends and classmates are giving you their time and effort for free. Being condescending or yelling at your crew will never get you the results you want. Treat your crew respectfully and courteously, and let them know you appreciate their help.

Non-Oxy students are not allowed to work on your class project, unless expressly cleared with your Professor in advance. 

Keeping the crew of your project limited to students not only provides the educational experience afforded by collaborative media production but also ensures your work will be eligible for the “student" category of film festivals and competitions, which have stringent rules about non-professional crew.  There are also liability concerns associated with having Non-Oxy personnel on your set or in your charge, which would require explicit pre-planning. If in doubt, about a crew member talk to your Professor. 

One great place to look for Oxy crew is our new “Crew Book" in The Cage. There, you can browse by the position you’re looking to fill, and see a list of students who are interesting in gaining more experience in that area.

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