Occidental students create an impressive variety of media projects. You can check out a few of them here:

These Hands Lay Open - a visual meditation by Tatiana Garnett

Tatiana Garnett '21 produced this piece as her Media Production Senior Comprehensives project. These Hands Lay Open is a visual meditation exploring the role of emotional vulnerability in Black selfhood and liberation. You can read more about the project and Tatiana's work here: https://www.tatianagarnett.com/


Unfreezing the Chola Image - a video essay by Leslie Torres

Leslie Torres '21 produced this video essay as her Critical Media Senior Comprehensives project. Using bell hooks' "Eating the Other," Unfreezing the Chola Image explores the concepts of cultural appropriation vs cultural appreciation within the world of Cholas, a counter-culture group of Latina gangsters. The project examines how niche counter-cultures such as Cholas are absorbed into the mainstream in ways that preserve the essence of the movement or corrupt pieces of the culture, ultimately disassociating it from their originators.


At Last Deserted - a fictional short by Dana Dveris

Dana Dveris '22 produced this short as her Media Production Senior Comprehensives project. Synopsis: Taylor confronts grief, regret, and the unrelenting march of time as she grapples with the death of her best friend Olivia by having a picnic in the desert in her memory.


Inside(s) Out: Being Trans, Be(com)ing Monstrous - a video essay by Ada Rosen

Ada Rosen '22 produced this video essay as her Critical Media Comprehensives project. Inside(s) Out: Being Trans, Be(com)ing Monstrous combines trans theory and body horror to explore the representational capacity of monstrosity as an alternative to mainstream trans narratives. No longer something to fear, the monster becomes a figure of aspiration for all who exist on the margins of intelligibility.

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