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Zipcar Zooms into Occidental College

Occidental College students, faculty, staff, and local residents can reserve two on-campus cars by the hour or day through Zipcar.com, the world's leading car-sharing service.

The College partnered with Zipcar Inc. for this environmentally friendly, cost-effective transportation choice to ease local traffic congestion, lower demand for on-campus parking, and provide a convenient option to people who don't want the high costs or hassle of owning a car.

Not all destinations in L.A. are easily accessible by biking or public transit, so having a car is sometimes practical. But the costs of owning a car can be a hardship. Zipcar is a car sharing program that launched at Oxy in 2010, arising from a sustainability class on alternative modes of transportation. Head over to Zipcar's website to sign up for an account to take out the two Zipcars parked on the perimeter of the Booth Hall parking lot in front of Newcomb Hall.

Check out this study on the positive effects of using Zipcar (40% of college members are less likely to buy a car because of their membership). Below is a chart comparing costs of car ownership and Zipcar membership: