Urban & Environmental Policy

Urban & Environmental Policy helps you to develop skills in policy analysis, applied research, organizing, leadership, and advocacy needed to bring about social change.

Oxy’s UEP program recognizes that “urban” and “environmental” are very much interconnected. We also recognize that economic and environmental justice are inextricably linked to where and how we live, work, play, eat and go to school. UEP draws on a variety of disciplines, including politics, sociology, economics, urban planning, public health and environmental studies, to not only identify problems but also explore solutions.

You will be introduced to issues such as housing and community development, land use and transportation, environmental justice, poverty and social welfare, and food, water and other resource problems at the local, state and international levels. You’ll examine all of these challenges through the multiple lenses of race, gender, sexuality, nation and class. You will learn interdisciplinary social science skills and public policy analysis with a special emphasis on applying your learning to real-world challenges through group projects, internships and collaboration with our community partners. You’ll find many of these opportunities through the Urban & Environmental Policy Institute, the research and advocacy program based in UEP and a key component of Oxy’s focus on community engagement.

UEP supports summer internship programs such as the Affordable Housing and Environmental Justice Internship program, and the Public Health Internship Program. You also can conduct research locally through Oxy’s Summer Research Program or abroad through the Richter program. You might spend a fall semester in the Campaign Semester program (offered every two years) or in the Kahane United Nations program in New York; or pursue your interests in one of Oxy’s study abroad programs.

Your experiences through UEP will prepare you for social change careers in areas such as government, law, human services, urban and/or environmental planning, public health, community organizing, and social work, as well as journalism and communications, business and academia. Learn about what our alumni are up to.

Meet Our Faculty

What Our Graduates Are Doing

California Manager, Climate-Smart Cities

Fernando Cazares

Deputy Director of Organizing, California Calls

Lydia Avila

Master’s program in environmental health, Harvard University

Marissa Chan

Transportation Planner, MTA Los Angeles

Nolan Borgman

Master’s program in city planning, MIT

Lilia Pharazyn da Silva

VP of regional government affairs, Magellan Health

Deanna Furman

Managing Director, Movement Voter Project

Regina Clemente

Fulbright scholar, Vietnam (studying public transit)

Ellie McKinney

MPH, health and social behavior, UC Berkeley

Tyler Berkeley Brewington
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