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Summer 2017

Changing Hong Kong Street Food Culture: An Analysis of the Hong Kong Food Truck Pilot Scheme 
Ryan Lee, Biology Major '18

Street Art and Social Change in Hong Kong: Exploring Notions of Beautification, Gentrification, Opportunity, and Resistance Through Art
Allen Chen, Sociology & American Studies Major and East Asian Studies Minor '18

Trapped: The Unfortunate Reality of Subdivided Housing in Hong Kong and the Challenges for Stakeholders to Mitigate the Crisis
Olivia Wilk, DWA Major '18

Mapping of Ambient Ozone Pollution in China and the Assesment of its Health Impact on Socio-Economy
Yiming Zhang, Geology Major '18

Summer 2016

The Effects of Platform Screen Doors on Air Quality in Underground Subway Platforms and Train Cabins
Hongjin Lin, Mathematics Major '17

Perspectives of Healthcare Providers and Challenges that They Face as Illnesses Related to Air Pollution Increases in Hong Kong
Jarron Williams, UEP Major '18

Factors Affecting Dietary Choices and Nutrition Among Youth in Hong Kong
Ama Peiris, DWA Major '17

Summer 2015

The Challenges of Urban Renewal and Housing in Contemporary Hong Kong
Wooyoung Lim, UEP Major '16

Impact of Pollution on Respiratory Health and Levels of Physical Activity
Daniela Borquez, Biology Major & Public Health Minor '16

The Make Up of the City’s Fabric: Layered Topography of Hong Kong Creates a Unique Urban Condition and a Connected City
Carolina Cardoza, CTSJ Major '16

Hong Kong Air Pollution's Effects on Student Absenteeism
Ashley Andreou, Biochemistry Major '17

Hong Kong Food Culture, Obesity, and Resolutions
Mallory Leeper, DWA Major '17

The Potential Disasters and Hazards at the Jefferson Oil Drilling Site in South Los Angeles, and the Conceivable Implications of Chronic Stress for Surrounding Residents 
Marissa Chan, UEP Major & Public Health Minor '17

The Equitable and Sustainable Alternative - Bringing Back the Invisible Drinking Fountain
Jerry Wong Chun Yin, Junior majoring in Environmental Management and Technology at the HKUST 

Re:code LAX Water: Creating A Water Resilient City
Jazlynn Poon Wun Hei, Junior majoring in Environmental Management and Technology at the HKUST

Case Study of Oil Drilling in Urban Cities
Isha Chaturvedi, Junior majoring in Environmental Management and Technology at the HKUST

2014-15 Academic Year

Hong Kong's Pro-Democracy Protests
Jennifer Yi
Anderson Fund Report | January 2015

Hong Kong's Pro-Democracy Protests
Jennifer Yi
Politics Senior Comps | April 2015

Summer 2014 

Hong Kong Rooftop Farming
Jennifer Yi & Rachel Young

Air Pollution Report
Connie Li

Climate Change, Renewable Energy, and the Hong Kong Connection
Tsering Lama

Research Briefs
Eco-Cities, Eco-Districts
Housing Affordability

Viann Ho Yan Sin

2013-2014 Academic Year

Feeding Frenzy: the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and Urban Agriculture Movements in Modern China 
Kris Kokame

Summer 2013

Organic Food Research: The US and Hong Kong
Tracy Wong 

Bloom or Gloom? Cycling Future of Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Guangzhou
Kristie Chu  

Summer 2012

Hong Kong/Shanghai/Hangzhou Summer Research
Miranda Chien-Hale

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