Get more information on the experience of the Henry Luce Grant - Hong Kong Summer Research Program.

Jennifer Yi  '15
Politics Major
Rachel Young  '16
UEP Major
Connie Li  '17
Biochemistry Major
Tsering Lama  '15
Economics Major

"Rachel Young ’16 and I conducted field research on Hong Kong’s rooftop farming. Our mentors, Professor Gottlieb at Oxy and Professor Lau at HKUST, connected us to local students (who had done previous research on rooftop farming in HK) and rooftop farmers. We interviewed these students and farmers to learn more about the importance of rooftop farming in HK as well as its challenges, which was great as we got to meet new people and learn more about HK. 

I definitely recommend this program to other Oxy students. This is not only a great opportunity for you to explore a different part of the world, but this is also a chance for you to really pursue and develop your interests."

"I partnered with Jennifer Yi  '15, which made my research experience very enjoyable. Our topic was rooftop farms, which was equally exciting to learn about. You get as much out of your research project as much as you put into it, and Jenn and I took full advantage of this opportunity. We traveled around Hong Kong interviewing different rooftop farms, and were able to learn so much about not only the research process, but about our topic relative to Hong Kong's political system (which added a really interesting lens). 
To be honest, you'd be crazy to turn down this amazing opportunity. Not only do you gain research experience, but you also get to explore a whole new country, and meet incredible people."

"My participation in the China-Environment program has been an invaluable experience to me. As an underclassman at the time, I definitely felt that the program has given me a better grasp to what research is actually like. I think my experience will also help me in planning and preparing for my research in the future. Additionally, it was an eye opener learning from professors, scientists, and researchers whom are experts of their fields. 

I would definitely recommend this program to other students. It was a very meaningful way to spend my summer. The program gave me the opportunity to explore an intriguing topic and the vibrant city simultaneously. Through this experience I gained more insight into the environmental issues that Hong Kong presently faces. At the same time, this research experience has raised my awareness for environmental issues in my current surroundings. "

"The best part of experience were the transportation infrastructure and quantity of activities that Hong Kong provides. The public transportation there is the envy of the world. Additionally, as a syndicate of four Oxy students there, Hong Kong allowed me to bond with the other students more than I would have been able to while at Occidental.

I believe it is a tremendous and rare opportunity for students to travel abroad, learn about a new culture and nation, while conducting research on a topic they enjoy. That sounds like an easy decision to me."

photos by Rachel Young

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