Here is a list of past UEP (formerly Public Policy) Senior Comprehensive Projects.

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Class of 2022

Rockaway, NY: A Community Diving Headfirst into Closing the Water Competancy and Ocean Literacy Gap
by Manon Achard
(full text)

"Of Fur and Scales": Analyzing Differences in Invasive Predator Management Policies in California and Florida
by Lachlan Ashenmiller

Burning Behind Bars: The 'Cruel and Unusual' Punishment of Climate Change Impacting the Incarcerated Population of Texas
by Madison Bluth 
(full text)

Micro-Fashion Designing: An Examination of Sustainable Garment Production and Fast Fashion Alternatives
by Caterina Burch
(full text) 

Shrink the Links: Analyzing the Potential of Repurposing Golf Courses in Los Angeles
by Jack Conroy
(full text)

Why are Toxic Clean-ups Taking So Long? The Role of Time in the Remediation of Environmentally Contaminated Sites
by Tessa Davis
(full text)

Art Spaces in Northeast Los Angeles: A qualitative study on their perceptions of their role in Gentrification and how they engage their community
by Julia Driscoll
( full text )

The Effect of Outdoor Mindfulness Activities on Elementary Students' Mental Wellness
by Julia Hansen
(full text)

Fiscal Zoning in New Jersey: A Study on Single Family Zoning and Municipal Revenue
by Katie Hines
(full text)

City Savings: the Level and Impact of Fiscal Reserves in California Cities
by Jada Ho
(full text)

Acorns as a Driver of Food System Resiliance in Native American Communities in Sonoma County
by Lily Hue
(full text)

How Do Tax Ordinances Impact LA Transit Infrastructure? A Case Study of Downtown Los Angeles Metro's CAAP Policies and Strategies
by Elizabeth Lai
(full text)

Sprawling Regions: Perspectives from Transit Officials
by Peter Merry
(full text)

Los Angeles' War on the Poor: A Case Study in Militarism, Displacement, and Public Space at Echo Park Lake
by Ina Morton
(full text)

Adaptive Reuse and Cycling: A Case Study of Downtown Los Angeles Development and Active Transportation Infrastructure
by Anna Sasser

Garment Worker Cooperatives: An Examination Into Ethical Production in the Fashion Industry Applied to the Framework of Garment Worker Organizing in LA
by Miya Woo
(full text)

Class of 2021

Unequal Burdens: Health Outcomes and Small Business Relief During COVID-19 in Los Angeles County
by Luis Arias
Full text

Healthcare for Homeless Women: Los Angeles’ Response Compared to the Needs Expressed by Homeless Women
by Judith Battles

Permanent Supportive Housing in Los Angeles: The Barriers and Solutions 
by Bea Bestor 
Full text

Just Transition in Los Angeles: Ensuring Equity During Decarbonization
by Marcus Blumenfeld, Spruce Bohen, Brenda Jackson, Leslie Serrano, and Evie Wasson 
Full text

A Geospatial Comparison of the Exposure to Ambient Air Pollution Faced by LA County’s Public & Private Facilities for the Elderly
by Eliot Brody
Full text

Harvesting Los Angeles: Community Based Urban Agriculture for Soil Remediation
by Sofia Buchler
Full text

The Challenges and Opportunities of Phasing out Nuclear and Fossil Fuel Reliance Simultaneously
by James Burwick
Full Text

The Urban Agriculture Incentive Zone Program in Los Angeles City: Examining Barriers to Access and Use
by Francisca Castro

The Effects of Waste Policy on Waste Production: The Zero Waste Framework
by Jamie Chung
Full text

Demystifying the Role of Water Reclamation in Los Angeles’ Water Infrastructure
by Aria Devlin
Full text

COVID-19 in Custody: The Relationship Between COVID-19 and United States Federal and State Prisons
by Zoë Edwards
Full text

Green Finance: Can We Build a Bridge Across the Renewable Spending Gap?
by Jon Ekberg
Full text

Oil Drilling in Los Angeles and Perceived Stress Effects on Nearby Communities
by Marcus Gee-Lim
Full text

Can we do it? Reimagining California’s Bottle Bill for Canners
by Izzy Goldfarb
Full text

Greenspace in the Time of COVID-19: A Study of the King County Metropolitan Area
by Jade Henderson

Achieving Permanent Affordability and Community Control: The Integration of Community Land Trusts into the Housing Preservation Toolkits of Local California Governments
by Grace Hut

“We Grow Food and Community”: How Urban Farmers Contend With Land Access and Urban Agriculture Policy In Los Angeles
by Kaye Jenkins
Full text

Restorative Justice and LAUSD’s School Climate Bill of Rights: Shifting Paradigms from Punishment to Healing
by Clara Keane
Full text

A CRITICAL NEED FOR MARKET MATCH: A quantitative study of L.A. County farmers’ market food assistance program usage during the COVID-19 pandemic
by Chiaki Ma
Full text

More Than A Park: An Examination of the Impacts of Skateparks on the Personal Growth of Individuals
by Ricardo Martinez
Full text

Addressing the Mental Health Needs of First-Generation College Students Attending Liberal Arts Colleges
by Andrea Lynn Mateo
Full text

Japanese American Redress: Impacts on Intergenerational Socioeconomic Status and Relevance to the Modern Reparations Movement
by Ashley Rodarte
Full text

Targeted Investment as an Instrument to Advance Environmental Justice in California Climate Policy
by Emma Rogers

Assessing Resident Participant Attitudes in California’s Participatory Budgeting Processes
by Salma Rojas

Analyzing Disparities in Affordable Housing Allocation within the L.A. City Transit Oriented Communities (TOC) Program
by Dirk H. Staal
Full text

The Intentions of Opportunity Zones: Hawaii as a Case Study
by Alex Yawata
Full text

Measuring Racial Bias During Police Traffic Stops in Los Angeles, CA
by Sarah Yi
Full text

Planting a Plant-Based Future in China: A study of China’s growing plant-based industry
by Erin Zhang 
Full text

Disparities on Waste Sorting in Shanghai and Potential Amendments to the Waste Sorting Guidelines
by Anfeilin (Colin) Zhu
Full text

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Class of 2020

From the Informal to the Formal Economy: The Implementation Process of SB 946 (Legalized Street Vending) in California Cities
by Natalie Arbogast

Implementing the Los Angeles Sustainable City pLAn: Have Initiatives and Improvements Reached All Angelenos?
by Cassie Carter
Full Text

The Los Angeles Adaptive Reuse Ordinance and Residential Shifts in Downtown Los Angeles
by Meredith Cook
Full Text

Growing Green Roofs: A Qualitative Analysis of Local and Federal Green Roof Policies in the United States
by Conal Dennison

Does transit investment incentivize short-term real estate speculation? A Case Study of the Crenshaw/LAX Line
by Hailey Gil

Who has power in Highland Park? A parcel-level analysis of gentrification and its effects on commercial ownership structure
by Ellen Hee

Death Can Be Green Too: The Environmental Implication of the Conventional Cemetery, Green Burials and Alternative Forms of Deathcare
by Bella Heffernan

The Sunrise Movement’s Hybrid Organizing: Elements of a Massive Decentralized and Sustained Social Movement
by Sarah Lasoff
Full Text

Stopping Jail Construction Through an Abolitionist Lens: A Case Study of Justice LA
by Melissa Mateo

Human-Centered Design Implementation: A Case Study of Los Angeles  County+USC Medical Center
by Olivia Olmos
Full Text

Equity in Bike Share: A Geo-Spatial Analysis of Los Angeles’ Metro Bike Share
by Caroline Riley
Full Text

Food Equity through Restaurant Meals: An Evaluation of Los Angeles County’s Restaurant Meals Program
by Barbara Robertson
Full Text

Opportunity for Whom? Neoliberal Place-Based Policy and its Effects on Neighborhood Change
by Ben Smith
Full Text

Education for Liberation: A critical analysis of the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools and their ability to transform education
by Kayla Williams
Full Text

Comprehensive Evaluation of Los Angeles’ Historic Preservation Policy & Equity of Culturally-Representative Monuments
by Ian Zunt
Full Text

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Class of 2019

Climate Change Vulnerability: A Historical Perspective of Climate Injustice in Los Angeles  
By Shahar Amitay
Full Text

At the Intersections: California’s Response to the Link Between the Child Welfare System and Sex Trafficking
by Katie Cecconi
Full Text

Maternal Health Coordination: How Community Health Centers and Maternal Mortality Review Committees Can Impact Black Maternal Health Outcomes
by Megan Cichester
Full Text

Beyond the Regulatory Period: Keeping Units Affordable for Those Who Really Need Them
by Wyatt Duncan
Full Text

Outside City Limits: Addressing Housing Inequities at the Regional Level
This report is only available at the UEP library.
by Gabriela Elliott

Community-Labor Coalitions and Minimum Wage Campaigns: Beyond the Campaign
by Robert Feign
Full Text

Local Education Foundations, Parcel Taxes, and their Effects on Equity In and Through California Public Schools  
by Paul Flood
Full Text 

The Examination of Commercial Land Parcel Gentrification: Analysis of Parcels near the Los Angeles River
This report is only available at the UEP library.
by Matt Gonzales

Accessory Dwelling Units in the City of Los Angeles: An Assessment of Policy Impacts, Affordability, and Attainability
This report is only available at the UEP library.
by Layla Hamedi

Improving upon the Model: A Case Study of San Francisco Navigation Centers
by Madeline Hill

The State of Foster Care in Los Angeles: A Study of Government and Organizations’ Efforts to Aid Transitioning Foster Youth  Attaining Steady, Useful Employment
by Cayman Hunter
Full Text

Analysis of Alameda county Housing Options for the Older Homeless Population
This report is only available at the UEP library.
by Isabella McShane

Diabetes Management Confidence and Emergency Room Visits in Los Angeles
by Sarah Moore
Full Text

Urban Wildlife Conservation: The Case for Corridors
This report is only available at the UEP library.
by Anisha Rao

MOVING SOUTHEAST LA: Ensuring Equitable Transit
by Amber Roman
Full Text

Transnational Immigrant Activism: México y Los Estados Unidos
by Alison Salazar
Full Text 

The Complexities of Sex Education in Utah
by Grace Sponaugle
Full Text

Electrifying Private Transport in California
by Ruben Teverow
Full Text

Green Gentrification: A study of revitalized parks in Los Angeles  
by Emma Yudelevitch
Full Text

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Class of 2018

Legislative Dissonance; Recreational Marijuana’s Localized Impact on Social, Economic, and Demographic Trends
By Gabriel Barrett-Jackson

A Tale of Two Cities: The Parklet Implementation Processes in Los Angeles and San Francisco
By Lena Burton Owens
Full Text

Accessible Public Transportation: A Case for Improving the Lives of the Disabled with Better Accessibility to the Los Angeles Metro
By Daniel Capparella
Full Text

Hidden Costs: Marginalized Perspectives in the Construction of Public Restrooms
By Katie Carter
Full Text

From State Ideals to Local Realities: Implementation Barriers of Critical Environmental and Social Education at the Classroom, School, and District Levels
By Isaac Dalsheimer
Full Text

Farming Within the Fences: An Exploration of Urban Agriculture Zoning and Land Security in Long Beach and Los Angeles, California
By Alexandra Fitch
Full Text

Mind the Gap: An Environmental Justice Framework for Evaluating Climate Change Policy in Miami Dade County, Florida
By Rebecca Goodfriend
Full Text

Metro’s MicroTransit Pilot Program: Policy Recommendations for Equitable Impact Amongst Low-income Populations in Los Angeles
By Veronica Hernandez
Full Text

Facebook and The Anti-Vaccine Movement: A Story of Distrust in Medicine and Government
By Cassidy Higley
Full Text

A Case Study of L.A. Metro’s ExpressLanes as a Congestion Reduction Strategy
By Aidan Holliday
Full Text

LA Metro and Transit-Oriented Communities: Creating Equitable Planning Practices through Community Engagement at Mariachi Plaza
By Michael Jimenez
Full Text

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Los Angeles’ Vision Zero Initiative
By Nora Killian

White Residential Seclusion and Voting for Donald J. Trump; A Modern Day Implication of Segregationist Policies
By Tal Litwin
Full Text

Fair Chance Housing Policies: Rehabilitation and Restorative Justice in the Private Sector
By McKenna Maness
Full Text

From Brownfield to Greenfield: An Analysis of Potential Oilfield Remediation in Southern Los Angeles Through the Lens of Environmental Justice
By David Mariscal

The Human-Animal Conflict: Conservation of the Mountain Lion in Urbanizing Southern California
By Rahul Menon
Full Text

The Significant of Structure: Analysis of Multi-Level Administrative Participation on Renewable Energy Policy in Los Angeles
By Morris Mills
Full Text

Bus Rapid Transit as an Agent of Change; A Study of Neighborhoods Surrounding the Los Angeles County Silver Line
By Jessica Mitchell
Full Text

Veterans Educational Benefits: post-9/11 GI Bill’s Impact on African Americans Men
By Cameron Peters
Full Text

Lords of Frogtown: Addressing Concerns of Gentrification Along the Los Angeles River
By Amy Pino
Full Text

Hungry for Halal: Analyzing Halal Certification & Policy in the Domestic Market
By Anissa Raja
Full Text

Are low cost sensors a viable option to bridge community efforts with regulatory agencies’ efforts to monitor and mitigate air pollution in low income communities? Case Study: Ramona Gardens PM2.5 monitoring
By Jaquelyn Rodriguez

“The Well-Meaning White People:" A Comparative Case Study of the White Anti-Racist Organizing Models of the Southern Student Organizing Committee and Alliance of White Anti-Racists Everywhere, Los Angeles
By Sam Royall
Full Text

Driver Misclassification and Clean Truck Programs: An In-depth Analysis of Two Southern California Ports
By Claire Sears
Full Text

Sustainable Architecture: A Critique of LEED and the Potential of Biomimicry
By Khloe Swanson
Full Text

Trafficking in Persons Policy: Areas for Improvement Identified by Anti-Trafficking Organizations and Policy Scholars
By Georgia Tucker
Full Text

Revision, Reallocation, and Reconstruction: Evaluating Disaster Management Plans in Low-Income Communities in New Orleans, LA
By Jarron Williams

Policy’s Effect on Socially Disadvantaged Farmers: An Evaluation of the Farmer Equity Act of 2017
By Olivia Valicenti

Revealing Ambiguities and Faults: Understanding Nonprofit Hospitals and Their Community Benefits
By Lina Xie
Full Text

Los Angeles’ Spatial Political Landscape as the City Prepares for the 2028 Olympics: A History of Unequal Access and Agency Over Space in Los Angeles as Shown Through the Ongoing Fight for a Fair and Legal Permit Program for Street Vendors
By Amanda Zeidner

Enhanced Residential Design of Affordable Housing Developments in Los Angeles: A Discussion on Designed-Based Investment
By Katya Zirulnik
Full Text

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Class of 2017

Metrics for Equity in Transit-Oriented Development: A Case for Sustainable Investment in Los Angeles
By Miles Anderson 
Full Text

Sustainable and Ethical Practices for the Fast Fashion Industry
By Jennifer Back 
Full Text

Teach Me, Don't Lose Me: How Schools in Los Angeles are Responding to an Increase in Homeless Youth
By Chloe Chais 
Full Text

The Race for Beauty: Examining the Social Drivers of Personal Care Product Use and the Impacts of Exposure on Black Women
By Marissa Chan 
Full Text

Street-side Vending In Northern Los Angeles: Problems, Policies and Assessment  
By John Coluzzi 
Full Text

Powered Education: Investigating Best Practices for Implementing and Facilitating Solar Energy Photovoltaic Initiatives for Public School Campuses K-12
By Michael Consunji 

Empowering Homeless Women: An Alternative Approach to Solving a Crisis
By Christine Delany 

Rotating Savings and Credit Associations: A Tool for Resilience Amongst Ethiopian Business Owners in the U.S. Ethiopian Diaspora
By Olani Ewunnet 

Designing Equity: A case study of Pershing Square in Downtown Los Angeles
By Sophie Gabel-Scheinbaum 
Full Text

Analysis of the Updates to the Toxic Substances Control Act
By Camilla Getz 

The Effects of AB 32 on California Oil Refineries' Co-Pollutants
By Greg Karapoulios 

WIC-Only Vendors as a Pathway to Nutritious Food Access
By Katherine Kepler 

How Can Manufacturing Companies Transition to Sustainable Manufacturing?
By Brandon Lau 

City “for the Children": How Y-PLAN Youth Planning Initiative is Creating and Measuring Civic Impact in Richmond, California
By Ariella Levitch 
Full Text

Relationships Beyond the Rental Market: How do Stakeholder Interactions in the Housing Choice Voucher Program Relate to Tenant Outcomes in Pasadena, CA?
By Wesley Lua 
Full Text

Culture Change: the impact of violence prevention and education efforts on liberal arts college campuses
By Jay Miller 
Full Text

Rules for Resistors: A Comparative Analysis of the Working Families Party and Tea Party
By Danielle Raskin 
Full Text

Assessing and Addressing the Needs of Youth Experiencing Homelessness in Los Angeles and San Francisco
By Anna Schutte 
Full Text

Skating to Success: What an Afterschool Skateboard Mentoring Program Can Bring to PUSD Middle Schoolers
By Alexander Silverman 
Full Text

Affordable Housing Meets Rooftop Farming: Feeding Los Angeles' Low Income Residents
By Catherine Spear 
Full Text

Primary Barriers to Regulating Potentially Carcinogenic Pesticides in the United States: A Case Study of Glyphosate
By Tessa Wardle 
Full Text

The Role of Federally Qualified Health Centers in Serving the Medi-Cal Population
By Anna Warrick 
Full Text

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Class of 2016

Developing and Implementing the Sustainable City pLAn: What makes meaningful community engagement?
By Emily Bell 
Full Text

Targeted hire-Paving the way to job access: Can Corrridor residents benefit? 
By Laura Breynert 
Full Text

The Role of Institutions of Higher Education in Water Conservations 
By Amelia Buchanan 
Full Text

The Influence of Food Politics on the Eating Habits of Students at Occidental College
By Halley Crane 

Who's Recovering? Comparing the Impact of Home Vacancies on Collective Efficacy in Post-Recession San Bernardino Neighborhoods
By Jesus Flores 
Full Text Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Housing for Health - A Paradigm Shift in Los Angeles' Skid Row
By Audrey Hahn 
Full Text Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Vintage Done Right: Tracing the Second Hand Clothing Supply Chain 
By Grace Hancock 
Full Text

The Real Value of Tax Subsidized Mass Transportation in Urban Neighborhoods
By Avery Howard 

To Love Your Neighbor: A study on Korean churches and local community
By Wooyoung Lim 

Secure Food, Secure Community: An Analysis between Food Security and Community Gardens in LA County
By Elena Lopez 
Full Text Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Envision Education: A Look at Student Success in College
By Rebeca Lopez 
Full Text

From Risk to Resilience: Examing environmental justice indicators in Los Angeles' most climate vulnerable community
By Keegan McChesney 
Full Text 

The Changing Landscape of Compton, CA:  An Analysis of the North Downtown 
By Julissa Plascencia 

The Health Consequences of Chronic Psychological Stress for Low-Income Latinas with Diabetes and Hypertension
By Sofia Polo 

Los Angeles' Affordability Crisis: Contextualizing Investment in North East Los Angeles
By Mary Richardson 
Full Text

What’s going on “hair?": Product Toxicity and Chemical Exposure from Hair Styling Products used by Black, Female Hairdressers in Dorchester, Massachusetts
By Antoniqua Roberson-Dancy 
Full Text Part 1 | Part 2

Is Inclusionary Zoning Actually Inclusive?
By Karen Romero 

Small Lot Development: Perpeturating or Solving the Housing Crisis in Los Angeles?
By Julia Smith 
Full Text

From Eco-Village to Eco-City?: The Rose of Eco-Villages in Creating Just and Sustainable Cities in the Context of Climate Change
By Rachel Taylor 
Full Text

The Sunnier Side: Solar & Renewable Energy Expansion at Occidental College
By Chloe Woodruff 
Full Text Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Demystifying Retail Water Facilities in Los Angeles County
By Rachel Young 
Full Text  Part 1 | Part 2

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Class of 2015

Social Media and Political Engagement Within the Millenial Generation
By Kyle Beasley 

#happeninginhighlandpark: A Case Study of Gentrification’s Effects on Residents and Business Owners in the Up and Coming Highland Park Neighborhood of Los Angeles
By Evita Chavez 
Give the People What They Want: Re-thinking Bicycle Infrastructure Implementation Strategies to Promote Transportation Equity
By Charles Deffrages 

Public Transportation in Los Angeles: Identifying the Link Between Metro's Services and Social Equity
By Samantha Delgadillo 
Wyvernwood Garden Apartments: A Case Study of Preventing Gentrification and Displacement 
By Paige Dow 

Reimagining Streets: A Guide for Walkability in Downtown Los Angeles
By Shawn Dunn 
Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Holding Infrastructure Improvements Accountable: The role of community groups
By Mathew Engel 

An "Upstream" Approach: Asthma Intervention Programs 
By Zoe Hamilton 
Examining the Cool Roof Ordinance in Los Angeles 
By Stefan Johnson 
Public Market Incubator Viability in Koreatown Los Angeles
By Michael Kang 
Closing California's Climate Gap: Understanding SB 535 Funding Allocations to Disadvantaged Communities
By Julia Kingsley 
Full Text
At a Spork in the Road: Student Receptions to School Food in the LAUSD
By Lillian Krovoza 
Smoking Hot! : The Rising Usage of E-Cigarettes Among Adolescents & The Repercussions of Such Trends 
By Aric Ponce 
“Both the Head and the Heart": Effective Practices for Student Organizing Around Diversity and Equity on College Campuses
By Madeline Resch 

Educate, Encourage, Empower: Sexual Health at Occidental College
By Rebecca Rich 
An Initial Look at the Impact of TOD on Immigrant-owned Small Business in Koreatown
By Grace Richardson 
Teens and Contemporary Art Education: A Study of Accessibility and Inclusion Practices in Contemporary Art Museum Programming
By Mariel Rowland 
College Chapters: A Vehicle for Student Activism
By Sara Samaha 
Tactical Urbanism in Los Angeles: Providing the Tools for More Immediate Change
By Charlie Simpson 

Truck Farm in Los Angeles: An Innovative Nutrition and Food Literacy Education Program…on Wheels
By Geneva Toledano 

Students Not Contracts: Changing the School Lunch to Incorporate School Garden Food 

By Vanessa Zendejas 

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Class of 2014

Local Control Funding Formula: Year 1 Implementation and a Look at Meaningful Teacher Engagement
By Daniel Barron 

Increasing Urban Affordability: An Evaluation of Seattle's Micro Apartments Through the Income Housing Development
By Marcus Brandford 

Effective and Unifying School Discipline Policies in an Era of Unprecedented School Violence: A Comparative Analysis of Denver Public Schools and Los Angeles Unified School District
By Caroline Bringenberg 
Full Text

Restoring the Right to Drive: Re-Licensing the Undocumented Community in California
By Violeta Campos 
Full Text

Pasadena Drinking Fountains and Public Water Access
By Amber Carmi-Smith 

The Current State of Economic Development in South Los Angeles: A Post-Redevelopment of the City's 9th District
By Gregory Earnest 
Full Text

The Impact of Coalitions on Waste Management Systems: Case Studies of Los Angeles and New York City
By Laura Flagg 
Full Text

Participation of First Generation Students in High Impact Practices at Liberal Arts Colleges
By Bianca Fonseca Cervantes 
Full Text

Effectiveness of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Water's Conservation Efforts in Minimizing Outdoor Water Use for Urban Households
By Stephanie Gann 
Full Text

Family Child Care Homes and Informal Child Care Services as Unrecognized Early Education Settings
By Jessie Hernandez 

Implementing Free, Prior and Informed Consent: Investigating Processes for Community Review Boards and Community-Based Participatory Consent in Native American and Alaska Native Communites
By Kirstin A. Jensvold-Rumage 
Full Text

Threading the Needle: Strategies to Elevate the Role of Community Health Workers in Emerging Models of Care for Dual Eligibles
By Sarah Lopez 
Full Text

A Head Start On Health: The Benefits and Challenges of Implementing Wellness Policies in Los Angeles Head Start Preschools
By Dani Lyons 
Full Text

Fighting for (E)Quality: An Examination of Mental Health Care for Undeserved Children in New York City
By Chardonnay Madkins 
Full Text

The Power of Place: The Analysis of Place-Based Health Initiatives in Pacoima, California
By Raquel Mason 
Full Text

The People's River: An Examination and Evaluaion of Community Engagement Efforts in Los Angeles River Renovations
By Morgan Mrohs 

Glendale: Whose Life Animated? A Study of Place Branding and Social Justice
By Devon Provo 

Farm to Preschool: A Study on Teacher Support in Nutrition Education
By Katie Sims 
Full Text

Campuses of the Future: The Interplay of Fossil Fuel Divestment and Sustainability Efforts at Colleges and Universities
By Lila Singer-Bark 

Class of 2013

Refined Corporate-Community Relations: Is a Community Benefits Agreement Possible in Richmond, CA?
By Alexander Acuña 

Stepping Stones to Success: the Determining Factors of Best Practices and Policies for Sexual Violence Prevention at Small Liberal Arts Colleges
By Fátima A. Avellán 
Full Text

Schooling in the Barrio: The Lennox School District's Approach to Community Empowerment and Educational Mobility
By Lizet Barba 

All Bulk Everything: Opportunities and Barriers for Access to 'Good' Food with a Focus on Participation by Low-income Communities
By Clarissa Boyajian 
Full Text

Taking the Kinks Out of Your Hair and Out of Your Mind: A Study of Black Hair and the Intersections of Race and Gender in the United States
By Tyler B. Brewington 
Full Text

Displacement and Gentrification in Low-Income Communities Connected to the Los Angeles 30/10 Plan: Who is Vulnerable, What Can Be Done to Prevent Deepening Inequality, and How L.A.'s Explamded Transit System Can Succeed
By Charlotte Bromley 
Full Text

Back to the Future? The Reintroduction of Streetcar Service in Downtown Los Angeles
By Kevin Brunke 

Will Sports Save the American City: Deconstructing the Power Dynamics Between Public, Private, and Community Interest: A Case Study of Los Angeles
By Roxanne Butler 

Grassroots Greening: Motives for Involvement in Proposition 84 Funded School Grenning Porjects in LAUSD
By Eliza Campbell 

Si se Puede? Organizing Workers Along the Food Supply Chain: Comparing the Strategies and Tactics of Worker Centers and Unions
By Jordan DeLano 
Full Text

Rooftop Gardens: A Green Solution to Los Angeles' Urban Problems
By Noah Donnell-Kilmer 
Full Text

Surviving Sandy: Stories of Environmental Stewardship
By Elizabeth Dutton 
Full Text: Part 1  Part 2

By Alex Forster 
Full Text

How Design Impacts Social Interaction and Overall Health in Affordable Housing Complexes in Los Angeles
By Elizabeth Hall 

Little Bangledesh in Los Angeles: A Study on Community Engagement and the Function of an Ethic Enclave
By Somath Hasina 

Housing First as a Solution to Homelessness
By Uriah Johnson 

Changing the Face of Fashion: Evaluating the Meaning & Future of Sustainability Within the Fashion Industry
By Mili Kale 

"Taking the Reins": Adaptive Horseback Riding for At-Risk Youth
By Allegra Keith 
Full Text

Hammarby Sjöstad: A Role Model for Inspiration or Replication?
By Oliver Khan 

Labor & Community Coalition Building in Local Politics; Lessons from the Portland Community Benefits Campaign
By Forrest Benjamin Kowalczyk 
Full Text

Surveying Transit Riders at Culver City Expo Station and the Wilshire/Western Purple Line Station: A Comparative Case Study of Mid-City/Westside Rail Expansion in Los Angeles
By Jonathan Krol 

In the Trenches: Reflection of the Pedagogy and Policy of Teaching Los Angeles' English Language Learners
By Charlotte R. Krovoza 
Full Text: Part 1  Part 2    Part 3   Part 4

Our Weeping Beaches: The Most Effective Strategies to a Cleaner Coastline
By Conrad Liebowitz 
Full Text

Dead Space Reborn: Brownfield Redevelopment Along the LA River
By Jack Moreau 

A Food (R)evolution: A Look at How Mobile Food is Changing Los Angeles
By Kiran L. Rishi 
Full Text

Tracking the Nature of Urban Transit in Boston and Los Angeles: How the Nature of a Community's Public Transit System Affects Accessibility to Health Care
By Shylana Roman

Equalizing Access in the Fair Trade: An Examination of Gender Equity across Nicaraguan Coffee Cooperatives
By Caitlin Ruppel
Full Text

Why did We Occupy?  Occupy Los Angeles as a Moment in Time
By Allyssa Scheyer

Public Participation in Urban Planning
By Dylan Sittig
Full Text

Olympic-Sized Opportunities: An Investigation of the Olympic Games as a Tool to Promote and Advance a Sustainable Agenda
By Emma Sorrell
Full Text

Revitalizing Traditional Food Systems: An Evaluation of Food Sovereignty Initiatives on the Navajo Nation
By Margeau Valteau
Full Text: Part 1  Part 2   Part 3   Part 4  Part 5

An In-Depth Analysis of Federally Qualified Health Centers in Los Angeles County and the Implementation fo the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act 
By Jessica Welty
Full Text

Do or Die: How Organized Labor Beat Prop 32 and What it Means for the Labor Movement
By Clara Wheatley-Schaller 

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Class of 2012

Public Art and the Identites of Philadelphia and Los Angeles
By Nolan Borgman
Full Text

The Alta Gracia Project Factory: A Story of Worker and Student Resistance Against the Race to the Bottom in the Apparel Industry
By Alexandria Brown
Full Text

Public Schools, Policy and Parent Participation: Organizing for Better Schools
By Asia Canady

The White House AIDS Stratedy: A Policy Solution to Address Racial Disparities of HIV/AIDS in African Americans Living in New York City?
By Briana Cartwright
Full Text

Developing Living Streets in Highland Park
By Derek Chiampas
Full Text 

From Co-op to Cooptation: the Changing Source of Fair Trade
By Nicholas Conti
Full Text

The Industrial Food Complex: How Corporate Profit Undermines Public Health
By Anna Dalton

Slum Housing and the CIty of Los Angeles: An Analysis of the Intersection of Human Rights and Enforcement Policies
By Maddisen Domingo
Full Text

The Rise of Wealth Disparity in the United States and Its Effect on Democracy: An Evaluation of the Great Recession and the Dodd-Frank Act
By Teresa Eilers
Full Text

The Education and Empowerment of Pregnant and Parenting Students in Los Angeles Unified School District
By Morgan Flake
Full Text

A DREAM Deferred: AN Uncertain Future for Undocumented Students in California
By Katrina Gould
Full Text

Is There a Place for the Union? A Study of the Opportunities and Challenges for Organizing Target Corporation
By Kevin Hom
Full Text

The War on Teacher Unions: Detroit Charter Schools as a Failed Experiment in Non-Unionized Education
By Carly Kirchen

Cultivating Successful Transit-rich Communities in Los Angeles: Strategies for Equitable TOD
By Michael Kralovich
Full Text

Supersized in China: Consumer Implications of the American Fast Food Industry in the World's Second Largest Economy
By Alexander Kwong
Full Text

Health Care and Healthy Food: An Examination of Sustainable Food Purchasing Practices in U.S. Hospitals
By Tyler Morgan
Full Text

From Suspensions to Sing Sing: A Study of Discipline, Education and Criminalization in Buffalo, New York
By Robert Sozanski
Full Text

Healing Spaces: Developing a Holistic Approach to Planning and Design
By Kristin Sullivan

Towards Beloved Community: the Role of Religious Leaders in Mobilizing their Memberships in an Interfaith Context for Social Justice
By David Telfort
Full Text

Organizing in the Third California: An Analysis of the Intersections of Power Between Asian/Pacific Islander Communities and Environmental Justice in San Joaquin County
By Kaitlin Toyama

The Alta Gracia Project Factory: A Story of Worker and Student Resistance Against the Raceto the Bottom in the Apparel Industry
By Helen Wright

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Class of 2011

Sustainable Hotels, How the Industry in Moving Beyond Green
By Erica Albert
Full Text

Mobilizing for a River: The Ebb and Flow of Power in the Los Angeles River Movement
By Joellen Anderson
Full Text

Investing in Trial and Error: A Reimagining of Teacher Education
By Jacob Berry
Full Text

Opportunities and Obstacles to Retain, Grow, and Attract Green Manufacturers in Los Angeles
By Sarah Barton
Full Text

What Happened in Hollywood? Evaluating the Need for Affordable Housing in Transit and Redevelopment Areas
By Shane Boland
Full Text

Student Potential to Eradicate Global Poverty: Building the Ideal Campus-Based Microfinance Initiative
By Mackenzie Brown
Full Text

Colleges & Climate Action: A Study of Transportation Emissions Reduction Strategies at California Colleges and Universities
By Claire Coddington and Warren Logan
Full Text

Los Angeles' Cycling Revolution: Paving the Way for a New City
By Nicholas Dierl
Full Text

Farming Without Harming: Bringing Environmental Responsibility to Scully Land
By Liam Dixon

Breaking the Green Glass Ceiling: What are the Barriers to Entry for Women in the Green Economy?
By Jessica Gelzer

The Rights of Nature: Restructuring Societies to Stabilize the Environment in Response to Corporate Abuse
By Stephanie Glenn
Full Text

Tea Party Effects on Mainstream Politics
By Matthew Gordon
Full Text

The Culture in Agriculture: Community Gardens as a Space for Community Empowerment and Cultural Cohesion for Immigrant and Ethnic Communities
By Caitlin Goss
Full Text

The Marginalization and Criminalization of Immigrants: The Role and Impact of Evolving Contemporary Federal and State Policy Approaches
By Kathryn Griffith
Full Text

Understanding Popular Education: The Practice of Democratic Freedom
By Kristen Leahy
Full Text

The ABCs to Improve Homeless Education: An Extended Program to Support Homeless Children into Adulthood, Better Funding, and Community Involvement
By Chloe Lee
Full Text

Power, Poverty, and Policy: Evaluating Anti-Violence Strategies in the Context of Los Angeles' Skid Row
By Kelsey Longmuir
Full Text

Women's Health Matters! A Study of Young Women's Knowledge of Reproductive Benefits Within Health Care Reform
By Kate Meyer
Full Text

Regional Food Hubs and School Meals: A comprehensive approach to nutrition in Southern California schools
By Kelsey Newport
Full Text

Manufacturing Affordability: An Evaluation of Factory-Built Housing in the United States
By Casey Ogden
Full Text

"Not Leaving It Worse Than You Found It." A Study of What Sustainability Currently Means to Restauranteurs
By Emily Ritchie
Full Text

Grounding the Angel City: Rebranding Los Angeles as a More Pedestrian-Oriented City
By Jacqueline Salazar
Full Text

Environmental Justice in Lincoln Heights: An Evaluation of the Cornfield Arroyo Seco Specific Plan (CASP)
By Michael Sin
Full Text

Environmental Sustainability in a Competitive World
By Audrey Spiegel
Full Text

Painting the Path to Solidarity: Art, Music and Community in Highland Park, Los Angeles
By Josh Wiener
Full Text

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Class of 2010

Beyond adult-centrism: Advancing children's rights and well-being through participatory urban planning: A case study of Southeast Los Angeles
By Meredith Abood
Full Text

Authorized Art: Public Art Programs of Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles
By Jordan Aura-Gullick

Promise in Los Angeles? Insights on Comprehensive Place-Based Initiatives and the Potential for Promise Neighborhoods in Communities Across America
By Mary Carlton
Full Text

From Progression to Oppression: A look at the injustices associated with progressing Los Angeles' transportation system
By Felisia Castaneda
Full Text

Advancing the Green School Movement: Building a Greening Template for Private K-12 Schools
By Kylie Dennis
Full Text

The Green Rush: Regulating A Growing Industry
By Benington Evers
Full Text

Charter School Accountability in LAUSD: The Balance Act
By Lisa Fehsenfeld

Wildfire Management in Los Angeles' Wildland-Urban Interface: Identifying Better Strategies for Reconciling Wildfires with LA's Communities
By Kayt Fitzmorris
Full Text

Are You Listening? The Pursuit of High Quality Healthcare for Low-Income Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children in Los Angeles County
By Chandrika Francis
Full Text

Explaining the Complexities of the "Rail Dilemma"
By Matthew Harter
Full Text

The Alien Tort Claims Act and Regulatory Commissions: Ancient and new tools for Corporate Accountability
By Shannon Hurley

The Los Angeles River Revitalization Master Plan and Urban Wildlife: Mitigating Negative Human-Wildlife Interactions Along the River
By Shannon Kincaide

The Long Haul: Food Policy Approaches in Los Angeles, Then and Now
By Abigail Klein
Full Text

How to Sustain a Sustainable Practice: Community Gardening and Long Term Sustainability in New York and Los Angeles
By Daniel Lawler

The Real Solar Leaders: American Colleges and Universities
By Jason Lehman
Full Text

Public Health Case Study of Baldwin Park: Revealing Design Strategies that Lessen the Fear of Crime as a means to Promote Physical Activity
By Alfred Mata
Full Text

What About Waste? Re-envisioning Los Angeles' Waste Paradigm: An Assessment of the Local Implementation of Conversion Technology and Waste-to-Energy Waste Management Solutions
By Ava Mikolavich
Full Text

Le droit a la ville: Addressing Spatial Injustice and Hostile Geographies through the Application of Lefebvrian Philosophy in Contextually Capitalist Urban Planning Models
By Ian Nunley
Full Text

Determining Appropriate Growth: Slowing the Process of Gentrification with L.A. Department of City Planning Zoning Tools
By Giulia Pasciuto
Full Text: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Co-op Grocery Stores and the Triple Bottom Line: For the Workers, For the Community, For the Environment
By Allison Riemer
Full Text

Proposition 8: The Divide of Faith and Politics?
By Helen Santos
Full Text

Carrying the Tune of Sustainability: Addressing Climate Change in Creative Ways
By Derek Singleton
Full Text

Early Education and Community Involvement: Engaging parents with their communities through Head Start
By Jacey Totta

Fostering Sustainable Lifestyles: Green Roofs and Edible Landscaping at Affordable Housing Sites
By Duncan Will

Building the Big Box: Recommendations for a Comprehensive Big Box Ordinance in Los Angeles County
By Justin Young
Full Text

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Class of 2009

Beet the System: A Study of Community Supported Agriculture as a Model for Enhancing Low-Income Food Security
By Alex Altman
Full Text

Food Policy for People: Incorporating food sovereignty principles into State governance
By Sadie Beauregard
Full Text

XXX-XX-XXXX Nine Digits Away from a DREAM: Analyzing Institutional Responses to Increased Awareness and Policy Changes Regarding Undocumented Students
By Ana Bonilla
Full Text

Empowered and Equipped: Success Strategies for Young Women of Color of South Los Angeles
By Drea Chicas

Spatial Injustice in Los Angeles: An Evaluation of Downtown L.A.'s Privately Owned Public Open Space
By Paolo Cosulich-Schwartz
Full Text

The Twin Cities: A Region's Region
By Max Davis

MUSEUMS: ENGAGING & STIMULATING EDUCATION AMONG YOUTH: A Look at Art Museums, Science Centers, and Ecomuseums
By Alicia Egan

Green Technology High School Academies: Pioneers at the Crossroads of Economic, Educational, and Environmental Challenges
By Colin Englesberg
Full Text

Voicing Community Concerns: The LA River Revitalization Master Plan
By Celeste Faber

Improving L.A.'s Air: An analysis of Heat Island Mitigation, Urban Forestry, and Landscape Management as Strategies for Air Quality Management
By Claire French
Full Text

Case Study Research Exploring Interim Use Brownfield Projects and Their Feasibility in the United States
By Whitney Hawke
Full Text

A Parking Requirement In-lieu Fee Dedicated to Transit Access in Los Angeles
By Taylor Kaplan
Full Text

Becoming a Social Entrepreneur
By Emily Lowell

Coastal Environmental Education: Nicaragua's Estero Padre Ramos Reserve and a Community-Based Organization
By Zachary Lundgren

The Promotion of Livable Neighborhoods within the Los Angeles Planning Process: A Look at Highland Park and the Ave. 57 Specific Plan
By Rennie Newton
Full Text

Developing a Carbon Conscience: A Portrait and Assessment of the Voluntary Carbon Offset Market
By Sarah Ritter
Full Text

The City of Palm Springs: Developing a Plan for Smart, Sustainable Growth
By Scott Saunders
Full Text

Welcome to McCain Country: The Impact of the Obama Campaign's Grassroots Organizing on Rural Communities in Battleground States and the Future Involvement of These Communities Through Organizing for America
By Margot Seigle
Full Text

Good Times go Green: How Night Clubs and Bars can Reduce Their Impact on the Environment
By Laura Simanonok
Full Text

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Class of 2008

(Re-)Constructing the Sustainable City: Toward a Green Affordable Housing Model for Los Angeles
By Mary Jane Boltz
Full Text

Growing a Movement: Community Gardens in Los Angeles County
By Laura Benjamin
Full Text

Building the Velorution: Bike Culture, Community, and Politics in Los Angeles
By Erica Fick
Full Text

Making Senses of the Trucking Industry from a Truck Drivers Perspective, And the Need for Clean Air and Grassroots Organizing
By Nidia Garcia
Full Text

Preventing Unwanted Pregnancies: An Evaluation of Access to Emergency Contraceptives for Victims of Sexual Assault in Los Angeles County
By Julia Granholm
Full Text

Dressing Up Our Conscience: The Importance of Eco-Fashion
By Robin Hamilton

Women's Association in Mali: Empowerment, Leadership, and Political Mobilization
By Kether Hayden
Full Text

Beyond Green Building: A Step Towards Sustainability in Boyle Heights
By Sua Iris Hernandez
Full Text

What's Up With That? An Evaluation of Kipp's Practices and Academic Progress with Low Income Populations
By Sonia Huizar

Democratizing the Arts: A Struggle for Socio-economic Equality in Today's Creative Economy
By Ian Johnston
Full Text

Commodity Fumigation with an Emphasis on Food: Examining the Permit Process in Los Angeles County
By Laura Knuttunen

The Green Imperative: The Time Has Come to Revolutionize the U.S. Built Environment
By James Leonard

Social Change: Testing the State of Two Front Activism
By Victor Lopez

Revitalizing Downtown Pomona: An Evaluation of The Artisan and Recommendations for Its Success
By Lorena Matarrita-McNicholas

Hungry for Change: The Struggle for the Tohono O'odham Native Food System
By Caitlin Peel
Full Text

Community Planning and Its Potential for Community Resistance
By Lilia Pharazyn

Tourism and Smart Growth in Canyon Country: Challenges and Opportunities in Moab, Utah
By Abigail Scott
Full Text

Colleges, Career, and Postsecondary Success: An Analysis of Building Trade Academies in California High Schools
By Marika Tsolakis
Full Text

Cultivating Roots: A Community Story of Resistance
By Jasmine Wade
Full Text

An Equity Agenda for Transit-Oriented Development: Planning for the Sustainable Growth of Los Angeles' Inner City
By Madeline Wander
Full Text

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Class of 2007

A Crisp, New $20 Bill/A Nickel Taken: "Revitalization", Gentrification, and Displacement in Los Angeles's Skid Row
By Philip Barney

Turning the Corner at the Cornfield: Rethinking the Relationship between Urban Parks and Community Development
By PJ Capin

English Language Learners in Public Schools: A Challenging Environment and a Path to Improvement
By Alexandra Cooper
Full Text

Ethiopia vs. Jamaica: A Study of Ethiopian Immigrants in Los Angeles to Afro-Caribbean Immigrants in New York City
By Tahanee Fisher

Towards a Greener, More Affordable Housing Market
By Krystal Freeman

Beyond the Classroom: What do we do now? Realizing the Need for Effective Transitional Services for Individuals with Autism
By Ashley Hiestand

Approaching No-Kill: Challenges and Solutions for the Los Angeles Animal Services Department
By Caroline Nasella

Reclaiming Community Places in Urban Spaces: A Community-based Arts Approach to Urban Land Reform and Neighborhood Empowerment in Los Angeles
By Kristen Sheline

EMS on College Campus: A Look at Occidental College
By Nastassia Toruno
Full Text

A YouTube Moment in Politics: An Analysis of the First 3 Months of the 2008 Presidential Election
By Margot Turkheimer
Full Text

pWND? Women, the Media, and Online Gaming
By Christine Wagner
Full Text

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Class of 2006

Too Many Inmates in One Cell, Leads to Emergence of Violence
By Maritza Agundez

Outdoor Adventure Education at Oxy
By Jacob T. Dubail
Full Text

Exploring Bus Rapid Transit for Los Angeles
By Andrew Grinberg
Full Text

Homeless Youth and the Bring LA Home Campaign to End Homelessness
By Windyn Hines
Full Text

Social Justice in Experiential Education: A Sponsored Case Study of Go Trek Learning Based Adventures
By Daniel Hoffman

Social Movement Unionism: A Case Study of Local 11
By Shingoon Hong

Growing Community: A Garden for Eagle Rock High School and Occidental College
By Bryden Johnston

Diabetes Management Programs: The Effect of Knowledge and Psychological Status on Glycemic Control
By Kelsey Lewis
Full Text

California Foster and Kinship Care System: A Pathway to Prison or a Temporary Solace? An Evaluative Analysis of the Kinship Guardianship Assistance Payment Program
By Caroline Murray

Cheap Stuff Has a High Price: Community Life Impacts of Global Trade and the Goods Movement in Southern California
By Leslie Mahley

Approaching No Kill: Challenges and Solutions for the Los Angeles Animal Services Department
By Caroline Nasella
Full Text

Fair Trade: Challenges in Forming a Mainstream Movement
By Midori Niikura

The Global Gag Rule: Policy Analysis and Case Study of Impacts on Ethiopia
By Catherine Packer

Remaking the Southern California City: A Case Study of Pasadena
By Max Podemski

Searching for the Roots of Food Security Movement: A Portrait and Evaluation
By Olivia Prebus

Acute HIV Infection among MSM
By Vikram Shankar

The Southern Baptist Disaster Relief: California Disaster Relief and the Los Angeles Southern Baptist Associations Involvement in Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief
By Natalie Simon

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Class of 2005

The Boyle Heights Landscape: The Pressures of Gentrification and the Need for Grassroots Community Action and Accountable Development
By Lydia Avila
Full Text

Of Human Bondage: The Contemporary Slave Trade, A Look at Trafficking in Persons and the Emerging Strategies to Combat It
By Shaina Campbell

Proyecto Jardin: Growing Community and Making Linkages through a Garden and Community Space
By Molly Franson

The Route to Transportation Equity: A Critical Evaluation of the Job Access and Reverse Commute Program and Strategies to Implement First-Class Public
By Houng Hoang
Full Text

Inequalities in Urban Education: A Focus on Gentrification
By Julieian Alexis Jiles

The Cost of Free Trade: North American Free Trade Agreement's (AFTA) Negative Effects on Labor and the Apparel Industry in Los Angeles
By Caitlin Lynch
Full Text

Student-Labor Alliances on College Campuses: Strategies to Empower Workers and Build Community- Case Studies of Occidental and Other Colleges
By Will Meade
Full Text

A Crack in the "Tough on Crime" Program? The Rise and Fall of Proposition 66 in California
By Alessandro Morosin

Poems and Politics
By Clayton Perry

After School Matters: A Case Study of After School Programs in Pasadena and Options for the Future
By Eli Reisman
Full Text

Fair Trade Thai Jasmine Rice: Social Change and Alternative Food Strategies Across Borders
By Ellen Roggemann
Full Text

Sweat-free Los Angeles: A Comparative Analysis of the Adoption and Implementation of Municipal Sweat-free Procurement Ordinances and their Lessons for Los Angeles
By Molly Russell
Full Text

Internal Colonization, African Americans, and No Child Left Behind: The impact of education policy on academic and socio-economic achievement and the negative effects on African American students
By Brandon Smith
Full Text

Experiential Transformation: Strategies to Energize Educational and Community Service Programming through a Ropes Course Approach at Occidental College
By Erin VanDenburgh

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Class of 2004

Farmer's Markets in Low-Income Communities in L.A. County: Assessing Needs, Benefits and Barriers, with a Focus on the Shift to Electronic Benefit Transfer Technology for Food Stamp Recipients
By Anna Berzins
Full Text

Expanding a Movement: A Case Study of the Compton Farm to School Project
By Colleen Callahan
Full Text

Liquor Stores in South Central Los Angeles: A Profile of How One Neighborhood Area Has Been Impacte d
By Adrian Carpenter

Getting the Lead Out: Childhood Lead Paint Organizing
By Natalie Deutsch

A Chance to Take the High Road: Managing Transportation Demand at Occidental College
By Chris Green

Vieques: The Power of People's Protest
By Justine Lewis
Full Text

The Dash for Cash: Politics, Public Policy, and Why Money Matters in Elections
By Rebecca Lewis

Olive Court: A Case Study in Transit-Oriented Development
By Vanessa Martinez

The MacArthur Park/Westlake District: A Case Study of Community Capacity
By Evelin Montes

Campus-Community Relationships: A Case Study of the University of Southern California and an Overview of Town-Grown Alternatives
By Maria-Isabella Prack
Full Text

Organizing Filipino Registered Nurses: A Social Movement Unionism Approach
By Carla Saporta
Full Text

More Than a Diploma: Strategies to Improve the Educational Attainment of Latino Students
By Guadalupe Solis
Full Text

Challenging Wal-Mart in California: An Investigation of Wal-Mart's Proposed Supercenter Expansion and the Emergence of Big Box Ordinances as a Tool for Resistance
By Abby Wheatley
Full Text

Diverging Perspectives: Conflicts Between Land Conservancy Efforts and Residents' Sense of Place on Catalina Island
By Callie White
Full Text

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Class of 2003

SweatX: Taking the High Road in Los Angeles (Video presentation and Resource Guide)
By Michelle Ashley and Ingrid Melendez

The Need for Universal Preschool in the Wake of Welfare Reform: An Examination of How to Alleviate the Child Care Crisis in Los Angeles
By Regina Clemente
Full Text

The Living Wage Movement: Lessons for the Labor Movement, Community Allies and the Working Poor
By Deanna Furman

Art and Power: Los Angeles Murals
By Bethany Graham

Public Art: A Photo Essay and Analysis of Graffiti Along the Los Angeles River
By Mia Gutfreund
Full Text

Reduced Drinking and Driving on College Campuses: Working Towards a More Progressive Policy at Occidental
By Sarah Lapin
Full Text

Social Capital Within the Vietnamese American Community: A Comparative Investigation of Asian Pacific Islander Community Organizations
By Kim Pham
Full Text

Inmate Abuse in Prisons: The Importance of Pursuing Rehabilitation Rather than Punishment
By Hetty Wong

The State of AIDS Housing: An Evaluation of the Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS Program (HOPWA)
By Flaherty Wright
Full Text

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Class of 2002

Upholding the Mission at Occidental College: The Unionized Workforce in the Campus Community
By Megan Buchanan

Roses are Red, Workers are Blue. An Examination of the Fresh-cut Flower Industry in Latin America
By Nicole Drake

Redesigning Eden: Fertile Ground for an Urban Green Space Movement in Los Angeles?
By Maggie Fleming

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) for Severe and Persistent Mental Illness (SPMI): Implications for National Mental Health Policy
By David Flores

Exploring Land Use at Occidental College and a Recommendation for the Establishment of an Ecological Study Area
By Miriah Mortimer

Notice of Displacement: The Real Cost of the Staples Center
By Payton Phillips

From the Suburban Dream Machine to the Urban Nightmare: The Federal Housing Administration from 1934 through Today
By Sarah Pope
Full Text

Modern Solutions for Today's Oil Crisis: A Case Study for Not Drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
By Stephanie Schroeder

The Persistence of L.A.'s Grocery Gap: The Need for a New Food Policy and Approach to Market Development
By Amanda Shaffer
Full Text

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Class of 2001

Reclaiming Globalization: Regionalism as a Globally Competitive Strategy that Fosters Equality
By Kelly Talbot

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Class of 2000

Recycling Juvenile Justice: Proposition 21 and the Cyclical Nature of the Juvenile Justice System
By Casey Martin

Prospects for a Latino-Asian Pacific Islander Coalition in Los Angeles
By Carmen Chu and Martha Contreras

The Fabulous Forum: Private versus Public Interest, A Challenge for the City of Inglewood
By Hector Perez

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Class of 1999

The Hospital Bed Debate at LAC+USC Medical Center: Community Needs and County Politics
By Eduardo Santana

The Viability of Composting Programs at the College and University Levels
By Penelope Brion

The Limits of Welfare Reform: Evaluating the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996
By Sara Bauleke
Full Text

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Class of 1997

United States Immigration Policy: Impact of Free Trade and Agriculture
By Judith Sernas

Access Barriers to Health Care in Los Angeles
By Lara Bice

Urban Development and the Modern City
By Leo Olebe

Voting Behavior in the United States: An Examination for Latino Voting Turnout and Behavior from 1980-1996
By Maribel Rios

Brief Overview of Superfund with a Glendale Case Study
By Marybeth Vergara

Restructuring the Tax System: Is it that Time Again?
By Minh Lam

The Legalization of Marijuana
By Patrick Eng

Our Los Angeles
By Tanja Skudlark

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