Celebrating Oxy’s mission through the Annual Theme.

The Core Program theme connects the Summer Reading and Core Program Events series. For many years, the Core Program adopted a new theme each year. Beginning in 2019, however, we made the decision to embrace the College’s Mission as our permanent theme, choosing different elements of the mission to highlight each year, including its four cornerstones: Excellence, Equity, Community, and Service.

Past Annual Themes

2019-now: The Occidental College Mission Cornerstones: Equity, Excellence, Community, Service
2018-19: Global Cities / Local Realities
2017-18: (Eco)Systems of Power
2016-17: Re-Envisioning Metropolis: Los Angeles and the Urban Arts
2015-16: Sustainability
2014-15: Emancipation
2013-14: Water & Power
2012-13: Communities and Justice
2011-12: Citizenship

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Edmond Johnson
Director of Advising, Core Program Coordinator, Affiliated Faculty in Music
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