Cognitive science major Sally Zhou

“Oxy professors really care about you, and not just in the academic sense. They want to get to know you and make sure you’re doing well, mentally and physically. I can’t think of one professor that didn’t help me. Every single one offered different levels of care, which is incredible for an international student.”

Sally Zhou ’20
Cognitive Science major
Nelson Rayl

“I had the pleasure of researching asset price bubbles with Professor Andrew Jalil for more than a year. The best part of the experience was building a relationship with and learning from an economist who shared the same passion for our research topic and the field of economics in general.”

Nelson Rayl ’20
Economics major
kayla williams

“More than once I’ve had faculty send me job, internship, or research opportunities that they thought I would love, often not even related to their courses. There’s a holistic investment in me, which has made [feeling connected] much easier.”

Kayla Williams ’20
Urban & Environmental Policy major
Milo Goodell

“The history professors at Occidental have been one of the highlights of my college experience. They are all incredibly passionate about what they’re teaching, and eager to share that passion with their students. You can’t help but take away a little of that passion after taking a class with them.”

Milo Goodell ’20
History major
Emily Jo Wharry

“Every single one [of my politics professors] has challenged me to reexamine my beliefs and articulate a viewpoint in a well-grounded, thoughtful way. Even more, the professors care deeply about your learning experience, and that shows in every office hours meeting and piece of detailed assignment feedback they hand back.”

Emily Jo Wharry ’20
Politics major
Sam Sachs '21

“My working relationships with my professors are quite positive. The professors are always interested in helping students with any questions or concerns they have about coursework as well as building connections. I often go to my professors for one-on-ones with questions and they are happy to answer them.”

Sam Sachs ’21
Geology major
Melissa Gutiérrez González ’21

“The great thing about Oxy is that you have the ability to know your professors personally due to the small size of the school. Professors always have their doors open and are eager to help, whether it’s with homework or advice on applying to graduate school.”

Melissa Gutiérrez González ’21
Mathematics major
Matt Aleksey ’21

“The geology department is close-knit and I’m happy that I have developed meaningful relationships with my professors. They have been supportive and proactive in helping me to find research opportunities and excel in my classes.”

Matt Aleksey ’21
Geology major
Sophia Vallas

“All of the RELS professors teach wonderful classes and are so engaged with their students. I felt incredibly supported by each one and was always able to talk with them about ideas and papers. Every professor is passionate, inspiring and incredibly knowledgeable about their specialty.”

Sophia Vallas ’19
Religious Studies major
Junepyo Lee

“A lot of professors at Oxy are caring and helpful. In my freshman year, when I felt very alone, I had a long chat with Professor Lengyel, who understood my difficulties as an international student. Since that time he has always encouraged me, especially to pursue and study math more deeply.”

Junepyo Lee ’20
Mathematics major