Critical Making

Critical Making is a hands on, collaborative exploration of the impacts of technology on how we think, learn, and create. At Occidental, we encourage critical thinking about technology by offering a variety of responsive maker spaces, media production and computing equipment, and peer-to-peer expertise.  

Critical Making Spaces

The Critical Making Studio, Academic Commons Ground Floor
The Critical Making Studio opened in 2015 as a student driven collaboration and media production space. It's mission is to offer access to equipment, software and peer expertise to all students, regardless of major or experience in ways that foster collaboration and co-curricular exploration of emerging technologies. Here you'll find Adobe Creative Suite, an audio recording booth, a paper prototyping station, and a variety of making tools and gadgets for exploration. 

Staffed Hours: 1-5pm M-F

Equipment Checkout: 3-5 M-F

Equipment Catalog

The Audio Booth, inside the Critical Making Studio
Equipped with audio recording and editing tools and a variety of instruments and controllers, this space is open to all upon a brief orientation session. Create podcasts, work on multimedia class assignments, or your own mixtape. For information on orientation sessions, view the Critical Making Studio website or contact

Brown Learn Lab, Academic Commons Entry Floor
This library instruction lab doubles as a multimedia classroom and popular space for social science data crunching and Oxy Opensource workshops. Reservations may be made with Master Calendar and Dell laptops from the cart (with statistical software) may be requested during normal business hours (9am-5pm).

oMac Lab, Academic Commons Ground Floor
This classroom space, maintained by ITS, is home to Music Production Courses, Digital Photography, other digital labs and workshops across the humanitites. When its not in use as a classroom, it is open for any student use. Macs can be booted as Windows or iOS and students can access everything from statistical software to audio production tools. 

Stop Motion Animation Studio, Academic Commons  Rm 128
In 2016, four students applied to a CDLA Microgrant to design and equip a stop motion video production space. This space lives on with new student stewardship and contains Dragon Frame, lighting kits, and plenty of supplies to animate your heart's desire.

Virtual Reality Lab, Academic Commons Rm 124 
This flexible space can be set up for VR events, poster sessions, photo crits and workshops. Oculus and Vive available. To receive an introduction and/or training for key access, contact