Work with us. The Teaching, Learning, and Research Support (TLRS) team is committed to providing information literacy instruction that empowers students to think critically about the information landscape.

Library instruction is available in a variety of modalities. Oxy librarians are available to teach online and/or in-person classes, using the request form below. We can help create additional videos, guides, assignments, and other interactive online materials to meet your instructional needs.
To plan an effective learning experience:

  • Request instruction sessions at least 2 weeks in advance. We cannot guarantee availability of a librarian for short notice requests, however, we have asynchronous materials created that may be a good substitute.
  • Instruction sessions should correspond to a specific research assignment or project; a librarian will help curate learning outcomes for the session based on the assignment requirements. Students should have topics chosen or narrowed to the point that they are ready to do hands-on research.
  • Be prepared to attend the library session with your class. Students who have their instructor present are more engaged and have a more meaningful time in a library session.

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Here are some examples of what information literacy instruction could look like for your class:

  • A traditional in-person class session with active learning strategies; or
  • A synchronous Zoom class session with active learning strategies; or
  • A video tailored to your course with follow-up quiz questions; or
  • Assign an interactive tutorial with learning outcomes specific to the course; or
  • Provide readings, handouts, modules, and online activities in Canvas; or
  • A librarian designed assignment

You can discuss the best options with your librarian!

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