Welcome to OxyScholar! Occidental College's institutional repository. 

OxyScholar is a platform for digital scholarly work created and curated by students, faculty, and staff of Occidental College, designed to collect, preserve, and provide open-access to Oxy scholarly projects and research. OxyScholar is sponsored by the Library. To learn more about how to make your scholarship visible, email the Library at library@oxy.edu.

Access OxyScholar

OxyScholar lives within Alma, our library services platform (LSP) and is accessible to users through our discovery platform OneSearch.

Why should I contribute?

Visibility: OxyScholar makes your work accessible to not only the Oxy community but other scholars and researchers.

Long-term preservation: OxyScholar is designed for long-term access and preservation of materials and resources.

Collection development: Advance the growing body of Oxy scholarship.

Open Access: No charge to publish your research and you retain the copyright of your work.  If your research funders require open access publishing, OxyScholar can satisfy that requirement.  

Information for Contributors

In order to contribute, Oxy library will need to create a depositor account for you.  Please contact us at library@oxy.edu to get started.

Content type

OxyScholar is meant for the following types of content:

  • Faculty and staff research and scholarship
  • Student scholarship including comps and projects through the Undergraduate Research Center 
  • Online journals for which faculty or students are Editor-in-Chief

Any publication, presentation, or production in electronic format from the above categories is eligible for inclusion.

Requirements for depositing works

  1. Works must be in a digital format.
  2. Works submitted should be complete works that are ready for distribution.
  3. Submissions should not contain any confidential information, e.g. personal information related to research subjects, or proprietary information

Acceptable file formats

Acceptable file formats to OxyScholar are:

jpg m4v docx
png pdf pptx
mp4 doc Jpeg2000
wav ppt  

The maximum file size is 1 GB. OxyScholar is not meant for data storage, works-in-progress, electronic records management, or personal use.


Authors retain copyright for all content contributed to OxyScholar. Contributing a file to OxyScholar does not transfer copyright but it does grant the Library a non-exclusive license to distribute and preserve the work. Please see Occidental College's Intellectual Property Policy for more information about the development, expression, and dissemination of ideas and inventions among members of the faculty and staff.

Journal publishers often allow authors to share pre-publication copies of their articles in these types of repositories. This is a practice referred to as “self-archiving”. We recommend consulting Sherpa Services for a summary of permissions that are normally given as part of each publisher's copyright transfer agreement. Please contact the Library for assistance if you are unsure if you’re allowed to share your article.

Coming Soon: The OxyScholar Resource Guide with more detailed information about contributing and accessing Oxy scholarship. 

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