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Special Collections & College Archives presents exhibits in the Academic Commons and online. We welcome guest curators and special projects. If you have an idea for an exhibit, please contact us.

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Robinson Jeffers: Poet and Occidental Alumnus, Class of 1905
Gallery, Main Floor, Old Wing

Robinson Jeffers (Class of 1905) is one of the most celebrated Occidental alumni. In the fall 2009, Occidental honored his life and works with a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts in The Big Read: Robinson Jeffers and the Ecologies of Poetry and in 2017 Oxy hosted the Robinson Jeffers Association annual meeting with scholarly talks on contemporary poetry, Jeffers, and Northeast Los Angeles. Occidental College's Special Collections boasts one of the largest collections of Jeffers works and memorabilia, some of which are on exhibit.


Tiger Bellies

Main Floor, Gallery, Old Wing

A photographical history of food at Occidental, as well as an Oxy Cookbook from the 1950s.


Printing Techniques
Main Floor, Gallery, Old Wing

A series of displays illustrating printing techniques, created by Pasadena engineer and artist, Harold L. Doolittle, between 1946-1958, and donated to Occidental in 1967.


SS Occidental Victory: Artificacts From Oxy's Seafaring Past
Gallery, Main Floor, Old Wing 

Built in early 1945, the SS Occidental Victory was one of more than 500 vessels that were built to replenish the American merchant fleet in anticipation of increased commerce following World War II. This exhibit features items from the now-dismantled ship.


Ernesto Galarza '24, Social Activist and Educator
Galarza Room, Main Floor, Old Wing

Social activist, writer and educator, Ernesto Galarza dedicated his life to advocating for the rights of agricultural workers and labor organizing. Born in 1905 in Jalcocotan, Nayarit, Mexico, Galarza graduated from Occidental in 1924. This exhibit is located in the classroom dedicated in 1987 to honor his career. See the new online exhibit dedicated to Ernesto Galarza.


Barack Obama at Occidental College
Main Floor, Information Desk, New Wing

A popular display shown on most Occidental campus tours, this small collection features materials from the President's time at Occidental. Perhaps most prominent is an original HOPE print donated to the school and signed by Los Angeles based artist Shepard Fairey, as well as the two poems a college aged Obama wrote for the Feast Literary magazine. The display also shows Professor Roger Boesche, who the President has noted in interviews shaped his education in political science. 


Bill Henry: Journalist, Historian, LA Civic Leader and Occidental Alumnus 1914
Bill Henry Room and Hall, Third Floor, Old Wing

This collection preserves the personal and professional materials of Los Angeles Times columnist William M. "Bill" Henry (1890-1970), class of 1914. It includes manuscripts, letters, documents, press clippings, photographs, ephemera and memorabilia, documenting Olympic games from 1932 to the present modern history, presidential campaigns, and development of aviation in Southern California, amongst other subjects.  Henry was part of the international Olympics committee, and author of the Official History of the Olympics: he as an L.A. civic leader, was instrumental in bring the 1932 games to Los Angeles, travelled with Eisenhower in WWII, covering the air war in the Pacific and was also a national radio commentor.


Education Empowerment Mural 
3rd floor, Hall, Old Wing

A student-led project that serves as a reminder to underrepresented students that they are not alone, and that they are capable of achieving their academic goals.


David Siqueiros
Main Floor, New Wing, Study Area

Permanent exhibit of eight original prints by Mexican artist David Siqueiros.


Building Occidental: The Road to Eagle Rock, 1887 - 1914
Gallery Hall, Main Floor, Old Wing 

130 years in Los Angeles! Designed in 2012 to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the founding of Occidental College, The Road to Eagle Rock is a pictorial essay on the formative years of Occidental College presenting the three campuses of Occidental College in Northeast Los Angeles before the campus made its permanent home Eagle Rock.


Occidental Fair

Samuelson Alumni Center, Atrium 

A commemorative history of Occidental College, celebrating the tradition of excellence, the energy and evolution of Occidental in 128 pages of photographs and memories. This display highlights the publication with enlarged page reproductions along with memorabilia from the College Archives. Anchor