Special Collections and College Archives hosts events and exhibits in the Academic Commons and online. We welcome guest curators and special projects. If you have an idea for an event or exhibit, please Ask Us.

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Exhibits (in the Gallery)

A Doodling Knight–STEAM–@ Oxy
A Doodling Knight–STEAM–@ Oxy offers something for everyone. Start with the doodling knight, a mechanized arm that reads data from a disc to generate a picture of a horse. Then explore works that cover topics from physics to architecture, mathematics to pop-up dinosaurs, engineering and anatomy to land art and solar power. Interact with our display that immerses you in an additional virtual exhibit, spotlighting notable scientists and artists such as Ayanna Howard and Colette Fu. See if you can figure out who the featured figures in our title signage are–if you aren’t sure, turn to the online resource guide for this exhibit.

Runs through: early April 2023
Location: Case in Gallery near the Cumberland Room

Spotlight Exhibits

Kyle Goen, Black Panther Party Stamp Book
Featured is one of SCCA’s recent acquisitions of Kyle Goen’s Black Panther Party Stamp Book. With 25 sheets of stamps designed by Goen, this work is a piece of movement-generated art, art that is engaged, collaborative, and emerges from struggle.

Runs through: February 28, 2023
Location: Case in Gallery near the Cumberland Room


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