Students can check out materials set aside by their instructors for shorter-than-normal loan periods (between 2 hours and 2 days). The Library also has a limited collection of textbooks set aside for 2 hour loans.

Accessing Items on Reserve

Students may find course reserve listings for physical items (books, DVDs, etc.) and electronic items (articles in databases, online content, and scanned documents) in the corresponding Canvas course site. To borrow physical items on reserve, students should request the items by title at the front desk of the library.

Textbook Reserve Program

The Library and ASOC are continuing with their collaboration to place copies of textbooks on reserve for several large-enrollment courses. The program aims to ease the cost of textbooks and make them more accessible to students. The limited number of copies, purchased by ASOC Senate, are available to check out at the Information Desk. As with all course reserve materials, students must present a valid Oxy ID to use them; because the books are communal copies, students must read the books in the building and not mark in them. Each reader will be able to check out a book for two hours. Students can also book them in advance from the library website as they can other Oxy books. 

The textbooks on reserve are for introductory courses in Biology, Marine Biology, Chemistry, Economics, English, Mathematics, Physics, Politics, and Psychology. They are cataloged in OneSearch and are listed on the Canvas site for each course.


More information for faculty wishing to place items on reserve.

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