Grade Submission

The deadline to submit grades is posted on the Academic Calendar each year.

It is important to keep in mind that the deadline to submit grades for seniors in the spring is about one week earlier than for all other students. This is to allow our office sufficient time to complete a final audit of their record before the Commencement Ceremony. An earlier grade submission deadline does not exist for December graduates.

Grades you may submit online include:
  • A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, F, CR, NC, and INC (if previously approved by petition – see below).
  • You will be required to complete an additional comment form (will pop up automatically when the grade is entered) for grades of F, INC, and NC as well as for all independent studies.

Grades that may not be submitted online include:

  • NR Grade - To assign a NR grade send an email to Jim Herr ( before you submit your grades. If you are entering your grades and are unable to wait for the NR to be entered by the registrar, please assign a grade of “F” and we will change it to a NR when we receive your email for academic dishonesty.
  • CIP Grade - Only allowed for the entire class if the course is extended into the following semester. Contact Jim Herr ( to assign these grades for the course.
  • INC Grade - If a student has not received approval for a grade of Incomplete you will not be able to assign an “INC” grade. Please assign the grade the student earned and, if later approved, the grade will be changed to an Incomplete by the Registrar’s Office. Students can access the Petition for an Incomplete Grade by following this path: MyOxy > Academic tab > Registrar Online Forms > Petition for an Incomplete Grade.

Credit/No Credit:

  • If a student has already completed a CR/NC form or the course is graded CR/NC only and you will only be given the option of entering one of those grades for the student. Remember that a grade of CR is equivalent to the letter grade of a ‘C’ or better.
  • If a student has not yet submitted the CR/NC Form you must enter the grade earned. If a form is submitted after you submit your grades, but before the deadline has passed, the letter grade will be converted to CR/NC.

First Year Seminars:

  • FYS courses that meet the FYS requirement must be graded with a letter grade (A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, or F). The system will convert the grade submitted to a grade of S (Satisfactory) if the grade submitted was A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, or D. The grade will be converted to a grade of U (Unsatisfactory) if the grade submitted was F.

  1. Access the website through MyOxy ( Log in with your User name and email password. Click on “Acad Info & Advising” link then click on the “Grade/Progress Submission” link under “Course Info”.
  2. Begin entering your grades. When the Grade/Progress Submission program is opened, you will see all the courses you are teaching and the submission status of each course (“Not started,” ”In progress,” or “All recorded”) in the far right column. Courses labeled as "Not Started" or "In Progress" require action by you. To begin entering grades, you will click on the course link (left side of page) to open the class list for that course. Grades can be entered using the drop-down menu. If a comment is required for a grade, a form will appear for you to complete. Clicking on the student’s name you will allow you to see the student’s ID photo.

  3. Submit your grades. You may enter grades whenever you like and they will automatically be saved until you have entered the grades for each student still registered in the course. When all grades are entered for that course, a “Submit” box will appear at the bottom of the list. YOU MUST click this button in order to submit your grades. If the submit box does not appear, be sure to review that all grades have been entered. Once clicked, the "Not started" or "In progress" submission status will update to "All recorded." You are not required to submit all your courses at the same time so you are welcome to submit each course individually when all the grades in the course have been entered.

Once submitted, you cannot make additional changes. If an error was made you will need to send an email to in order for the grade change to be processed.

Please submit your grades early if at all possible. The Registrar’s Office will not receive the grades until you have clicked the Submit button. When you are done with grading please look at the main page with the courses you are teaching to confirm all your courses have been successfully graded and recorded. The "All recorded" status will appear for each course that has been successfully submitted. If you missed a course, such as an independent study, this main page will tell you if the grading process is still “in Progress” or “Not Started” for any course.

Note: Graduating seniors are highlighted on the page and are identified as seniors. In the spring, you will see the button to submit the grades once all seniors are graded. You may submit the senior grades separately or you may enter a grade for all students prior to submitting the grades for the course.

Grades cannot be posted until all grades, for all students, in all classes have been successfully submitted by the faculty. Once grades have been submitted our office works as quickly as possible to make this information available to students and advisers. Therefore, if it is at all possible please be sure to submit your grades on-time.

Mid-Semester Progress Reports

Each student is to be provided a mid-semester progress report in each of their classes. The progress report, which may be submitted during the official two-week submission period (only), is designed to give students an update as to how they are performing in their courses. This information will help students and academic advisers when making decisions about reaching out to student success resources, or dropping the course late.

The submission period for the fall and spring semesters may be found in the academic calendar.

  1. To enter mid-semester progress, log into MyOxy. The link for “Grade Submission” has been modified to now read “Grade/Progress Submission.” This link may be found on both the “Acad Info & Advising” page (in the “Course Info” portlet) and on the “My Gateway” menu. In the snippet below, the link may be found in the bottom right corner. (Note that the entire page is not copied below.)

  1. Click on the “Grade/Progress Submission” link. You will be brought to a page with your gradable courses listed (header information shown below).

  1. Click on the CRN link for the course you wish to enter mid-semester progress reports. You will see a page with your course information and the header information as seen below.

  1. On the far right, you will see a column with the words, “Assign Progress” showing for each student in the course. Click on “Assign Progress” to enter the progress report for that student.
  2. Similar to what you see in grade submission, a window will display with the student’s photo and a drop-down list of options you may select when assigning a progress report. Depending on how a course is graded and the selections made, some fields will be required. A comment is only required when one of the following choices is selected in the "Progress" field -- "Not within the passing range," "Not within the credit range," "Not in the satisfactory range," "Not enough information,"or "Contract/Specs Grading." If any required fields have not been entered when the “Save” or “Next” button is clicked an error message will appear.
  3. When all progress reports have been entered, a “Submit” button will appear at the top and bottom of the list allowing the progress reports to be submitted. Once the progress reports are submitted, students and academic advisers will be able to view them in the Class Schedule/Registered Courses section of a student's advising transcript.

  1. Open the advising transcript for each student. In the "More Links Below..." section, click on "Class Schedule/Registered Courses."
  2. Once at least one mid-semester progress report is submitted for a student, a column will appear on the far right of the Class Schedule called “Mid-Semester Progress” (You may need to scroll up the page a bit).
  3. Click the link "View." This link will only appear if a progress report has been submitted.


There are four registration overrides that can be issued to students while online registration is open. These include:

  • Prerequisite Override: This will allow students to enroll in a course despite not yet having completed any prerequisite coursework. This override does not expire.

  • Enrollment Limit Override: This override will allow students to enroll in a course that is closed. This override is also necessary for courses that have a waitlist or reserved seats when the enrollment and reserved seats equal or exceed the max seats. This override expires after 48 hours.

  • Instructor Permission Override: This override is needed when the course is marked as needing “instructor permission" to enroll. This override will also solve any enrollment limit and prerequisite errors a student is receiving. This override expires after 48 hours.

  • Co-requisite Override: If a co-requisite is listed in the course description, but the student has made arrangements to forgo or complete the co-requisite requirement with the professor or department chair, they will need this override to enroll in the course.

Please note that it may be necessary to issue multiple overrides to allow a student to enroll in your course.

Online overrides can be issued beginning Registration Week through the 4-unit add deadline. Specific dates are posted in the Academic Calendar.

Instructors may continue to issue overrides to students after the 4-unit add deadline by signing a Schedule Adjustment Form.

  1. Log on to MyOxy

  2. On the left sidebar go to My Gateway.

  3. Select “Registration Override”. You will be taken to a new page.

  4. You will need to enter the information for the highlighted fields below:

    Note: You will need the student’s ID number in order to issue an override online. If you do not have the student’s ID number, you can click on the magnifying glass to search for the student. This will open the following pop-up window.

  5. When done, click the “Add Override” button. The student will receive an email with confirmation that an override was added to their record and they can now register online.

Both the Enrollment Limit Override and the Instructor Permission Override will enable a student to enroll in a course that has already met the enrollment size limit. The max seat number will remain, but the course will be over-enrolled if more overrides are issued than seats available. Be sure to remember that students have 48 hours in which to add the course so wait until the student adds or the override expires before offering the seat to another student.

Students who do not meet a reserved seat condition (major, new frosh, or new transfer) can enroll without an override if unreserved seats are available. Both the Enrollment Limit Override and the Instructor Permission Override will enable a student who does not meet a reserved seat condition to enroll in a course (assuming all other conditions are met). If the course has already met the max enrollment size limit, the course will be over-enrolled. The reserved seat max number will remain - this can result in a course appearing in Course Counts as having met or exceeded the max enrollment limit, yet still having reserved seats remaining. Additional students cannot enroll without an override, even those who meet the reserved seat condition.

A course is considered full if the enrollment plus the wait count is greater than or equal to the max seats. That is to protect those students on the waitlist by preventing students from jumping over them when a student drops a course. In this case, enrollment limit overrides would need to be used to let students take the available seats until the waitlist is deleted at the end of the semester.

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