In light of the unprecedented challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, a few college policies have been adjusted in an effort to provide students with flexibility without compromising the integrity of the academic program. Changes for the impacted semesters are detailed below. 

Spring/Summer 2020

Credit/No Credit

In all courses offered for a letter grade (unless already approved for CR/NC grading), students will receive a letter grade according to the grading criteria set by each professor. After grades are posted, students will have the option to review their final grades and decide if they would like to change to Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) grading for any of their courses. Students may keep the initial letter grade they receive, and it will be calculated into their GPA . Courses changed to CR/NC will not affect their GPA. To receive a grade of ‘CR’ in a course the student must earn a grade of D or higher (the usual threshold is a grade of C or better). A grade of F will receive NC (and no units will be earned toward graduation). Courses in which a student earns a grade of CR will be allowed to meet a major, minor, or Core requirement.

Dean's List

Full-time students who complete at least eight units for a letter grade and have a semester GPA of 3.5 or better are eligible for the Dean’s List. This honor will appear on the student’s transcript.

Transfer Credit

Students must earn the equivalent of a grade of D or better in order for a course to be eligible to transfer. Courses taken online at any point during the spring semester of 2020 (or in the winter or spring quarter of 2020) may be eligible to transfer to Occidental and may be used to satisfy major, minor, or Core requirements. Courses taken online during summer 2020 may also be eligible to count toward major, minor, or Core requirements. All courses must be otherwise transferrable and approved in advance by the appropriate Occidental College department or program chair. Students may refer to the Transfer Credit section of the college catalog for more information.

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