Here you’ll find forms related to declaring a major, adjusting your schedule, petitioning for special consideration and more. For instructions to submit forms electronically please visit Submitting Forms Electronically. Please refer to the current academic calendar for deadlines.


Students can access the forms below in the Online Forms Menu. Please note that students will first be directed to the MyOxy login screen. You may keep track of the status of your form by reviewing the Student Dashboard.

  • Petition for Special Consideration
    • Course Overload - Select this option to enroll in more units than what is permitted by college policy.
    • Course Repeat
    • Course Time Conflict
    • Part-Time Status
    • Walk at Commencement
    • Academic Standing - Select this option to appeal the Student Progress Committee's decision to place you on a Semester of Academic Concern or a Required Academic Leave.
    • Other - Select this option if you are requesting an exception to a college policy not listed above.
  • Petition for an Incomplete
    • New Incomplete
    • Due Date Extension - Select this option to request more time to complete your coursework if the due date has not already passed.
    • Retroactive Incomplete - Select this option to request an INC grade for a course after the deadline.
    • Retroactive Due Date Extension - Select this option to request additional time to complete your coursework after the INC grade has defaulted.
  • Credit/No Credit Contract
  • Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) Grade Change
    • One non-FYS course offered for a letter grade in a course offered Fall 2023 or later may be changed retroactively to Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) grading.
    • Students who wish to change a grade to S/U must make the request before the start of the semester of their expected graduation.
    • Read more on the policy here or view related FAQs here.

To appeal a decision made by the Student Progress Committee, please review the information found  here.


These documents are in .pdf format. You must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents. If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may download it here for free.

  • Enrollment Verification Letter Request  - Students who are NOT currently enrolled or those who require more information than what is listed on the Enrollment Verification Certificate may request a custom letter through our office. The additional required information should be expressly stated in the request.
  • Degree Verification Letter Request  - Graduates may request a degree verification letter, to confirm the degree earned and the degree conferral date. This letter is free of charge. If any additional information is needed, please be sure to indicate this on the form.
  • Diploma Replacement Form  - The Registrar's Office does not keep copies of diplomas in the student files. If you need a copy of your diploma, you will need to request a new one to be printed. There is a $50 fee per copy and $10 per diploma cover. WE WILL NOT BE OFFERING NOTARIZED DIPLOMAS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Requests for a new diploma are normally processed within 7-10 business days, or longer depending on office workload.
  • Schedule Adjustment Form -  After the four-unit add deadline, all adds and drops that do not require special paperwork (e.g., independent study contract, interinstitutional exchange form, etc.) are performed using this form.  Students may choose to use this form before the four-unit add deadline, but it is required after the deadline.
  • Independent Study Contract  - To enroll in an Independent Study course, students must submit a completed form to the Registrar's Office no later than the 2- or 4-unit add deadline, respectively. If the addition of an Independent Study course causes the student to exceed the maximum allowable units, a Petition for Special Consideration will need to be submitted requesting a "Course Overload" by 4-unit add deadline, regardless of whether the Independent Study course is a 2- or 4-unit course.
  • Late Drop Form  - A student looking to drop a course after the drop deadline is required to submit a Late Drop Form to the Office of the Registrar. Late Drops may be filed through the last day of classes. Any course dropped after the deadline will be noted as a "W" on the transcript.
  • Application for Auditing Classes  -   Only currently enrolled students may audit a course. An auditor may not participate actively in course work or take final examinations and therefore does not receive credit. Full-time students may audit one four-unit course each semester, without a fee, subject to formal permission through this form. Students not registered full-time may attend courses as auditors, subject to payment of Auditors’ fees. All paperwork must be filed by the appropriate add deadline for the semester.
  • INT 100 and INT 200 Internship Application - Students interested in completing an internship must meet the criteria in the College Catalog. The college offers both a 0-unit (INT 100) and 2-unit (INT 200) option. In both cases, the course will appear on the official college transcript. No retroactive credit will be issued for internships. All questions and inquiries should be sent to
  • Summer Registration Form  - Occidental College does not have a formal summer program. Current Oxy students may register for Independent Studies and Internships during the summer by submitting this form to the Office of the Registrar. For those students interested in registering in an internship course, you must first contact the Hameetman Career Center. See Summer Session for deadlines.
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