Environmental Monitoring

We have experience performing NPDES and environmental monitoring and reporting for several agencies since 1994.

Environmental Monitoring Services


Collection of samples for chemistry, heavy metal or bacteria analysis
Water quality profiling (dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH, transmissivity, and conductivity using a Sea-Bird SEACAT SBE 19plusV2)
Construction and deployment of moorings and oceanographic equipment


Collection of samples using Van Veen grab or diver cores
Infaunal and benthic invertebrate sorting and taxonomy
Sediment grain size analyses (phi size)
Sediment toxicity testing (bioassay)


High-resolution side scan sonar
Swath bathymetry to depths < 150ft
Deployment and retrieval of ocean bottom seismometers
GIS mapping and spatial analysis

Diver and Biological Surveys

Invasive species surveys (Caulerpa spp., Sargassum spp.)
Visual SCUBA including fish, algae, and invertebrate identification
Sensitive species surveys and monitoring (eelgrass, abalone)
Underwater videography and photography (standard and 360°)  
Marine Mammal Monitoring
Shorebird surveys

Fisheries Studies

Beam Trawls
Otter Trawls
Beach Seines
Purse Seines
Otolith Analyses


Zooplankton & Phytoplankton Collection (bongo nets, 1m ring nets, benthic sled)
Zooplankton & Phytoplankton sorting, stageing, and taxonomy