Hope Hendry '21

How does temperature affect body size at maturation of Paralabrax loro in Baja California, Mexico?

Many studies have explored the relationship among somatic size and maturation of various fish species, however, the results have been contradictory.This indicates that this relationship may be species specific. To better understand these relationships, this study will examine the reproductive stages and egg development in samples of the fish genus Paralabrax collected in Baja California, Mexico. Twenty samples of P. loro will be sectioned, mounted on slides, stained, and analyzed with a light microscope according to standard histological protocol. The maturation stage of the oocytes (eggs) will be compared against the size of the adult fish. This will help determine size at maturation. Overall, this project could influence fishing policy. For example, if the egg development stage varies significantly with somatic size for a group of fish collected on the same date, then the city and state government of California can adjust the minimum size that Paralabrax fish are able to be caught as the spawning season progresses. Through this manner, this study can further conservation efforts.


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