Heart Like a Wheel
Undeterred by life's obstacles—including the 15 surgeries he's endured related to his rheumatoid arthritis—Professor Roger Boesche and wife Mandy share a love for the world, adventure, and...
A Movement, Not a Moment
A long-simmering debate over diversity and equity at Oxy came to a boil in November, with hundreds of students demanding institutional reform. As a new semester dawns with the promise of...
Academically Uncommon
Working with community partners and documenting the history of Northeast Los Angeles, Oxy's Special Collections fosters direct links to the classroom and the academic life of the College...
The Grateful 8
Before Kwame Do '16 became SCIAC's all-time rushing leader in football, he had to rekindle his love for the game. It's a good thing for Oxy that he did
A Second Helping
With architecture critic and adjunct professor Christopher Hawthorne setting the agenda, Oxy's 3rd L.A. series brings the city into the conversation
Kemp, Reconsidered
Biographer Mort Kondracke makes the case for Jack Kemp '57's legacy as a conservative for the ages
Hometown Gory
With the collection of his noir/horror comic book series Runoff into a single volume, Tom Manning '99 revisits the culture he grew up in, and the story he began at Oxy
Arigato, Mr. Horinouchi
Japan's Kakehashi Project promotes better understanding of its culture by sending 23 Oxy students to the Land of the Rising Sun
There was a professor named Joe
In addition to mentoring scores of geohydrologists, professor emeritus Joe Birman—who died at 91—loved his work, apple trees, and a well-turned limerick
L.A., as in Laboratory
Under the guidance of adjunct professor Jeremiah Axelrod, Occidental marshals its resources for a new Institute for the Study of Los Angeles