Highlighting new scholarly work, awards, grants and other news in the Oxy Economics department.


  • Associate Professor Andrew Jalil’s study, “Eating to save the planet:  Evidence from a randomized controlled trial using individual-level food purchase data,” appears on a list of the most cited articles in the journal Food Policy.
  • 18 students and Professor Jason Wong went to Germany as a part of ECON 312 (Political Economy of Sustainable Development: Case of Germany). The course began as an on-campus seminar in Spring 2021. After that, students spent three weeks traveling across Germany to learn about the country's political and economic structures, as well as environmental and sustainability topics.
  • This year's recipients of the Economics Department's awards are Ruth Schlosser (Bennett Schwartz Award and Jim Halstead Award), Ansel Jeffries (Robby Moore Award), and Ashley Muranaka-Toolsie (Betty Tracy Award). Award descriptions can be found here
  • Associate Professor Andrew Jalil and his coauthors published their new study, examining the effectiveness of an intervention to shift consumers towards more sustainable food choices, in Nature Food, one of the Nature journals.
  • Assistant Professor Jorgen Harris, along with coauthor Rhiannon Jerch, released a working paper with the Center for Growth and Opportunity. They examine the effect of receiving Temporary Protected Status on formerly undocumented immigrants, finding that legal immigration status led to sustained improvements in income, job quality, and homeownership.
  • Associate Professor Jesse Mora and Economics Major Mary Hancock’s research paper “The Impact of COVID-19 on Chinese trade and production: An empirical analysis of processing trade with Japan and the US” was published in the Journal of Asian Economics. Mary is the first Oxy student to publish a peer-reviewed academic paper with an Econ professor.
  • Assistant Professor Kevin William’s article "Foreign Students in College and the Supply of STEM Graduates" was published in the Journal of Labor Economics.
  • Assistant Professor Jesse Mora was awarded tenure and promotion to Associate Professor.
  • Economics majors Aidan Garagic ’22 and Layla Devlin ’23 have been named as Occidental’s 2023-24 student Fulbright semi-finalists.
  • Associate Professor of Economics Andrew Jalil’s research on banking panics is cited in Christina Romer’s presidential address at the American Economics Association.
  • Economics alum Gail Ginell ’79 received the 2023 Alumni Seal Awards from the Occidental College Alumni Association.


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