Regular Faculty

Professor Bevin Ashenmiller

Bevin Ashenmiller, Chair

Associate Professor, Economics
B.A., Princeton University; Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara
Bevin Ashenmiller is an Environmental Economist whose research falls into three areas: recycling, evaluation of environmental programs, and energy and climate policy.
Professor Lesley Chiou

Lesley Chiou

Laurence de Rycke Professor of Economics
B.A., UC Berkeley; Ph.D., MIT
Lesley Chiou's research is in the areas of Industrial Organization and Applied Econometrics. Her recent work focuses on consumer behavior and firm strategy on the internet.
Professor Jorgen Harris

Jorgen Harris

Assistant Professor, Economics
B.A., University of Chicago; M.A., Ph.D., Cornell University
Jorgen Harris is a labor economist whose work focuses on the relationships between human capital, labor markets, and social norms. He is particularly interested in the role of gender in the workplace and the economics of parenting. Read his Oxy Story profile.
Professor Andrew Jalil

Andrew Jalil

Associate Professor, Economics
A.B.; Sc.B. Brown University; Ph.D. UC Berkeley
Andrew Jalil is an economist, whose research is in two distinct areas: (1) macroeconomic history (financial crises, monetary and fiscal policy, the Great Depression) and (2) food policy (health, sustainability).
Brandon Lehr

Brandon Lehr

Interim Associate Dean for Curricular Affairs; Associate Professor, Economics
B.A., UC Berkeley; Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Brandon Lehr is an applied micro theorist whose research areas include optimal public policy, social insurance, and behavioral economics.
Professor Mary Lopez

Mary J. Lopez

Professor, Economics
B.A., UC Riverside; M.A., Ph.D., University of Notre Dame
Professor Lopez's research is in the areas of labor economics, applied micro, and demography.
Professor Jesse Mora

Jesse Mora

Associate Professor, Economics
B.A. Claremont McKenna; M.A. John Hopkins-SAIS; M.A., Ph.D. UC Santa Cruz
Jesse Mora’s research interests are international trade, development economics, and applied microeconomics. His current research focuses on the effect of export failure on domestic market performance.
Professor Diana Ngo

Diana Ngo

Associate Professor, Economics
B.S. Harvard University; Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley
Diana Ngo’s research interests are in Applied Microeconomics and Development Economics.
Professor Kevin Williams

Kevin M. Williams

Assistant Professor, Economics
B.A., Claremont McKenna College; M.S., Ph.D., UC Davis
Kevin Williams is an applied micro economist whose research focuses on questions of education, peer effects and social networks.

Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Daron Djerdjian

Visiting Associate Professor, Economics
B.A., UCLA; Ph.D., Syracuse University
Daron O. Djerdjian was an assistant economics professor at the American University of Sharjah, in the United Arab Emeriates, prior to Occidental.

Daryl Ono

Resident Senior Instructor of Accounting, Economics
B.A., UCLA; Ph.D., Pacific Western University
Daryl Ono is a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), a Project Management Professional (PMP), and a Certified Cost Estimator/Analyst (CCE/A).

Victoria Umanskaya

Resident Associate Professor, Economics
B.A. (DHE), Saratov State University; Ph.D., University of Wyoming

Emeriti/ae Faculty

Laurence de Rycke Professor of Economics, Emeritus (1970-2022)

Woody Studenmund's primary professional interests are reflected in his textbook, Using Econometrics. The book, currently in its seventh edition, is one of the top selling elementary econometrics texts at liberal arts colleges.

Elbridge Amos Stuart Professor of Economics, Emeritus (1978-2019)

Robby Moore’s research interests include the economics of higher education, taxes, various issues in personnel economics, and the scholarship of teaching and learning.

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