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Established at Occidental College in 2015, the Occidental Consulting Group (OCG) strives to improve the local Los Angeles community by providing pro bono management consulting services to businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Our student consultants bring diverse perspectives and insights to difficult business problems, leveraging our analytical acumen to make an impact beyond the walls of the classroom. We individualize our approach to every project, working closely and collaboratively with our clients to produce meaningful and sustainable solutions. Whether a potential client is looking to embark on a new project, improve an existing one, or expand in other ways, we encourage and consider project applications of any nature.

Get in touch! Email ocg@oxy.edu.

What We Do

Our Process

We understand that no two clients are the same. Each project is approached in a personalized and unique way, yet all are addressed by leveraging the diverse skill sets and backgrounds of our members in order to develop insightful solutions for our clients.

Project Timeline

Our typical project spans one academic semester, or approximately 10 weeks. During this time, our consultants advance through various phases including problem assessment, research, and solution development. Close and consistent communication with our client ensures that we are progressing in a targeted and efficient manner. Upon project completion, a final deliverable is presented to our client and our OCG Board of Directors.  

Our Services

  • Problem Assessment
  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Operational Planning

Testimonials and Past Projects

Hillsides, Los Angeles

“Hillsides, a 106-year-old Southern California child welfare charity, asked the Occidental College Consulting Group for help improving our volunteer and social media outreach. Within the span of a few months, the students were able to deliver an action plan for converting volunteers to donors, recommendations for a donor/volunteer database upgrade, upgraded volunteer manuals and forms, a social media influencers guide, and recommendations on social media best practices. From start to finish, the students were professional, poised, and informed, and we will definitely be putting many of their suggestions to use. This group of savvy students represent the best and brightest of what the next generation has to offer and is perhaps the best-kept secret in town for organizations and businesses in need of fresh ideas and approaches.”

- Alison Bell, Director of Communications and Social Media, Hillsides

Box It Up Storage, Los Angeles

“Working with the Occidental Consulting Group was a phenomenal experience. From the day they chose my business, OCG was incredibly professional, proactive, and creative. They provided incredibly valuable metrics to give our company better insight into our competitive landscape, accurately evaluated our internal and external business problems, and went above and beyond to produce a final proposal that has enabled me as a small business owner to see that now is the time for expansion. The Occidental Consulting Group showed us that expansion is not only a possibility, but a reality.”

- Grant Hamill, CEO, Box It Up Storage

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