They come from near and far:

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Admit Rate
Admit Rate
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And we’re still one of the most ethnically-diverse private liberal arts colleges in the U.S.:

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International/Dual Citizens
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Students with languages other than English spoken at home
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First-generation college bound
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Students who have parents or were themselves born outside of the United States

Student Engagement

We’re proud of the diversity of experiences that our students bring to Oxy. Here are a few of the unique experiences of members of our newest class:

  • Won bronze medal in 2019 for Team USA in Kung Fu world championship
  • Organized high school to change high school mascot
  • Top-3 Finalist for 2019 NPR Student Podcast (the podcast focused on about teenage immigrants living in Arkansas)
  • Member of Junior Olympic Archery Development Team
  • Only female on her high school baseball team. Interviewed by NPR and Washington Post, then selected as 1 of 32 women nationwide to the Development Program Roster for the USA Women's National Baseball Team
  • Many of our students have worked part-time jobs, including at Target, Ninja Warrior, Shake Shack, and Starbucks to name a few
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