All students, regardless of citizenship status or national origin, are encouraged to apply for admission.

Occidental College is committed to providing access to students from all backgrounds and has long been a leader in diversity efforts. The College strives to provide a welcoming community for all students. To this end, Occidental adopted a statement of principles to guide the College's response to potential changes in federal immigration policy.

We encourage all students, regardless of citizenship status or national origin, to apply to the College. This includes undocumented and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) students graduating from U.S. high schools.

Admission Application

Undocumented and DACA students should complete the Common Application or Coalition Application and follow the same application procedures and deadlines as other first-year or transfer applicants. When completing the application, please select the following fields whether or not you have been granted DACA status.

Select your citizenship status:
Other (Non-US)

List of citizenship:
Select the country

Currently held in the United States visa:
I do not hold a currently valid US non-immigration visa.

For more information about the application process for undocumented and DACA students, please contact Robin Hamilton at or 323-259-2700.

Financial Aid

Occidental College meets 100% of the demonstrated need of all admitted students who apply for financial aid during the admission process. Undocumented students are considered for need-based financial aid like any U.S. citizen or permanent resident. Because federal financial aid is not available for undocumented students, institutional funding is used in its place. Undocumented students residing in CA may be eligible to receive state grant funds through the California Dream Act. More information about this application process can be found on the California Student Aid Commission website.

Financial Aid Application Process

The financial aid process for undocumented students is similar to the process for U.S. citizens and Permanent Residents; however, the federal FAFSA application is waived for undocumented students.

Undocumented students demonstrating financial need are eligible for non-federal work-study jobs on campus. Undocumented students with employment authorization may be able to find on and off campus employment.

Undocumented Parents

Parental citizenship status will NOT affect your financial aid eligibility at Occidental since aid is determined solely by financial need. Whether or not your parents file taxes, you must provide your parents' financial information on the CSS Profile application. If your parents will not file taxes or do not have an ITIN, use “000-00-0000" in place of a Social Security Number on the CSS Profile application.

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