We can help you understand how to finance an Occidental education.

Affordability is an important factor in determining if a college is the right fit for you and your family. The cost of attendance must be realistic and sustainable over four years. Try out the estimator tools below to see what types of financial aid you may be eligible to receive at Occidental.

A few notes before you get started

  • The tools should be used as an estimate for entering first-year students only.
  • The tools are based upon our current cost of attendance.
  • These tools use your self-reported family income and assets and apply a standardized methodology to determine your family's ability to contribute to college costs. (Contributions from noncustodial parents will not be included in the estimates).
  • The results will not include merit scholarships.
  • These tools are designed to be a starting point, but the results are not a guarantee of financial aid at Occidental College.

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