Interviews aren’t required, but are strongly encouraged as they help us get to know you.

Fall 2023 First-Year & Spring 2023 Transfer Applicants 

We look forward to learning more about you through an Oxy interview. Interviews are conducted by alumni volunteers and current students so you will also be able to ask your questions about the Oxy experience during the interview process—it's a win-win! Complete the form (linked below) to request an interview and you will receive an email with next steps. The interview request form will close at midnight (Pacific Time) on Sunday, December 4. Please note that applicants will not be penalized in the admissions process if they do not have the opportunity to interview. 

Interview Request Form

Helpful Interview Tips:
  • Dress comfortably but appropriately.
  • Come prepared to discuss your talents, interests and goals. It’s your chance to show us the real person behind your application credentials.
  • Familiarize yourself with Oxy. We’ll want to hear what sparked your interest in the College and how you see yourself thriving in our community.
  • We don't expect you to have all the answers, so be open with your thoughts and ask questions.
  • Most importantly, just be yourself.
Additional Tips for Virtual Interviews:
  • Find a quiet area where you will not be interrupted or have background noise.
  • Please reach out to us in advance of your interview if you expect any difficulty accessing a quiet space, internet, or technology. We are happy to brainstorm and accommodate individual solutions, depending on your needs.
  • Check your surroundings before you begin video chatting to ensure there is nothing on the walls or shown in the video frame that is inappropriate. A well-lit area is recommended.
  • Please wear appropriate attire, just as you would for an in-person interview.