Second Semester Tips

Welcome back Oxy!

As my first semester came to a close and the second semester blindsided me, I have continued to learn valuable lessons I am here to share with you - miscellaneous internet viewer.

I somewhat successfully survived the legendary, and terrifying, finals. The library suddenly became the hot spot on campus. No longer was it just the regulars or the night owls who banished themselves into the library after their roommate went to bed. New faces sat at every vacant seat in the building. If you desire either a study room, white board, or chair near a power outlet, you're going to need to arrive at the library before 5:30 am. Make sure you also spread all your various papers from the semester across the table limiting anyone from being able to join you at your table. Also if you decide to leave and go get food, go on run, or any other activity that takes longer than an hour, no worries! Feel free to leave your items wherever you want to hold your place while you take your study break. For those truly hoping to cheat the system and get the perfect study spot, just move into the library! Recreate your dorm room by moving your blankets, sheets, pillows, clothes, and all your fun various family photos into the library. Not only will you not have to worry about someone stealing your spot, you also have a much more calm study setting surrounded by your personal items. Also if you are planning to collect in the library with your peers be sure to use your inside voices, otherwise, an "Oxy Confession" will be written about you.

After copious hours of studying, annotating, crying and eating in the library the tests were taken and I was set free to break. My advice: enjoy your break, the one that you will feel sick of after 2 weeks! But no worries, you still have 4 weeks left to spend at home and do nothing. But the long haul will be worth it as your parents happily kick you off the couch where you have been watching Netflix and back onto campus. After what feels like centuries, you will be reunited with your friends and return to your regular shenanigans.

It is important to remember that when you return to campus that classes begin quickly after. I would recommend not following my actions, which were to forget ordering all textbooks and discover the bookstore also does not have the textbook. Make sure you attend class prepared; bringing a pen or pencil is a good start to ensuring your academic success. Dress for the first day of class as if it was the most important job interview of your life. This will give your professor the idea that you have complete control over your life, which most likely you do not. Make sure you answer every single question on the first day, regardless if you know the answer or not- confidence is key. The most important thing you can prepare yourself with for the beginning of the semester is a fun fact or something you did over break. Don't worry, if you're like me and lead a uneventful life, feel free to make up a fun fact to share with the class. People will find you irresistible with your dazzling fact and exciting life.