The Man Who Fed L.A.
Clifford Clinton was more than a restaurateur—he was a crusader in the face of dirty politics and a pioneer in developing affordable nutrition for those in need, as grandson Edmond Clinton...
Bruggemann & 'Superman'
Veteran film editor Eric Bruggemann '93 leaps into the producer's chair with an acclaimed documentary on BASE-jumping pioneer Carl Boenish '63
"The advantage of having rich kids around is that they have this thing called privilege … And practical jokes were in their expertise." —Terry Gilliam '62, recalling his undergraduate days...
It Was a Very Good Year
Across-the-board gains in capital projects, scholarship and endowment support, the arts, athletics, and estate gifts add up to a record $30.4 million
Welcome to the Neighborhood
Urban enthusiast, quantitative analyst, and avowed bicyclist Virginia Parks trains her attention on Los Angeles as Oxy's newest endowed professor
Role Model
Whether it's Christopher Columbus, Frederick Douglass, Huey Newton, or Rodney King, writer-performer Roger Guenveur Smith '77 brings his subjects to life with reams of research and a touch...
The Seven-Year Veitch
After more than 2,300 days into the job, President Jonathan Veitch shares some of the lessons he's learned
Taking Up Presidency
There's no one path to becoming a college or university president, but a handful of Oxy alumni have found the way. It's a job with infinite challenges—and innumerable rewards
SAFEty First
By getting out the message early and often, turning bystanders into Upstanders, and facilitating conversations across various constituencies, Oxy takes a proactive approach to preventing...