Up, Up, and Array! Oxy plugs into the solar power movement—and turns out the lights on its 125th-anniversary year—on a Founders Day brimming with energy
Record-makers, record-breakers, award-winners, and Tor
Changing the Culture
As a Department of Education investigation commences, Oxy reinforces its efforts to address sexual misconduct
Large and in Charge
Members of Oxy's biggest graduating class—"America's most conspicuous minority," in the words of speaker Andrew Delbanco—commence the next stage of their lives
Mixed Media
HGTV designer wannabes take on the SAE and Alpha houses; a documentary details the grueling and mysterious Master Sommelier Diploma Examination; and Annette Bening headlines a list of coming...
Herschel Cobb '65's memoir of his legendary grandfather, Ty Cobb, reveals a side that few people ever saw—loving nurturer
Readers weigh in on sexual misconduct and Oxy's endowment
Catherine An
Secrets of the House of An
Catherine An '02 never set out to join her parents and sisters as a restaurateur, but the chance to create her own niche proved as irresistible as Mama's garlic noodles
Bright Idea
Entrepreneurs Richard Highsmith '10 and Noah Applebome '10 charge into the burgeoning solar backpack market with affordable, portable power. Can BirkSun elbow its way to the mountaintop?
Taking Home Oscar
Technically, he got a medal, not the world's most recognized trophy. Still, Raffy Cortina '13 made Oxy history by winning top honors at the Student Academy Awards with his short Bottled Up