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13 Alumni Who Shaped Los Angeles

From planning the freeway system and aiding the conservation movement to bringing the Dodgers and the Olympics to town, Oxy alumni have been integral to the development of the City of Angels. We salute a baker's dozen

The Moore Identity

After more than 60 years of sitting in oak case drawers, the 60,000-plus specimens in Oxy's Moore Lab of Zoology are more vital than ever, as advances in DNA sequencing technology offer new windows into genetic research

75 Years, 75 Cheers

To commemorate 75 years of memorable ­performances, we present a list of 75 of Thorne Hall's most ­celebrated visitors

Web Extra

Singular Sensations

Makenzie Brandon '13 and Caroline Chang '14 soar on the court and in the water, respectively, to take top SCIAC honors 

Handle With Care

Student discord over the reporting of sexual assaults on campus intensifies an ongoing dialogue on Oxy's policies and process


Remembering a player, a pioneer, a professor, and a planner


Line scores and panels and dancers, oh my!

Notable and Quotable

"I've been getting awards for changing my mind. To me, it's all slightly ridiculous. We should all always be skeptical."


A high-water mark for swimmer Steven van Deventer '15, a new calling for Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Steven Coll '80, a second Oscar for director Ben Affleck '95, and more

Shadow Diplomacy

As Oxy's Walk In My Shoes program takes to the road, students challenge any preconceived notions about their chosen professions

Mixed Media

Good food, hard bodies, fish wars, and a "Harlem Shake" to boot


New additions (and new editions) from Oxy alumni and professors


Professor Dan Fineman weighs in on Oxy's endowment discourse, and a '51 alum testifies to the sticking power of Oswald

Portland Trail Blazer

LiFT Label founder Bobby Bonaparte '10 charts new territory with a DIY fashion line that reflects his hometown's culture