Occidental Magazine

Occidental magazine brings you campus news, in-depth features, and profiles of exceptional alumni. For the 2022-23 academic year, the magazine will publish two print and digital issues (Fall 2022 and Spring 2023) and two digital-only issues (Summer 2022 and Winter 2023).

Going Global

The conversion of Johnson Hall into a high-tech learning environment and the addition of world-class scholar Sanjeev Khagram to the faculty signal Oxy's commitment to creating a cosmopolitan culture on campus

Speaking of Oxy

An oral history project spanning seven decades of alumni reveals the timeless ties that bind the Occidental community


New additions (and new editions) from Oxy alumni and professors


Putting Oxy's endowment numbers under the microscope, dissecting the magazine's National Enquirer moment, and correcting a few stats on our inaugural Hall of Famers

Engaged and Infused

Politics professor Regina Freer—a political bystander turned L.A. insider—brings the heart of a community activist to the dynamics of city planning 

Rolling in the Deep

President Veitch charts a course for the future of the liberal arts and sciences that buoys Oxy's strengths and dives into both local and global initiatives

Life After 100

Concurrent with President Richard Gilman's retirement and John Slaughter's inauguration, Occidental marked its centennial year with a revitalized mission and unforeseen challenges. Oxy's key decision-makers revisit a momentous quarter-century

March Madness

Wrangling 40 mismatched musicians is no easy task, but MarchFourth Marching Band leader John Averill '89 keeps them moving in step both literally and artistically

Criminal Mindset

Utilizing patience, persistence, and imagination, Pierce Brooks '49 collared many a felon by outthinking his prey

The Oldest Rookie

Bill Redell '64 may have the toughest job on campus this fall—stepping onto the field following the dismissal of veteran football coach Dale Widolff. But his love for the game brought him back


Trustee Donn Miller was instrumental in bringing John Slaughter to Occidental; Stan Weston '55 built a number of Oxy landmarks


A new ASOC president, a woman of the year, a visit from Nancy Pelosi, and good news for Upward Bound