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Internal Catering - Charging to an Oxy Account

Valuable information about Campus Event Planning Resources is available here.

Catering a department meeting or event at Oxy is easy. To avoid late charges and guarantee your menu, be sure to submit your Request for event services (Oxy only) 10 business days before your event. If you already know your menu, submit it with your event plan. If not, check the in-house menu to decide what to serve, and then e-mail to place your request. Use the chart below to see how far in advance we need your menu set.

Category Event Type Description Timeline

Late Charge

1 Custom menu - hot or cold



Custom menu - VIP events (hot or cold)

Custom menu, with or without VIP enhanced presentation, attention & sourcing 5-6 weeks advance notice, menu set one month prior to event date

Menu set less than 1 month’s notice - 10% late charge

Menu set less than 2 weeks' notice - 20% late charge

2 Standard Menu - hot meals


or hot/cold hors d’oeuvres


Standard Menu - VIP events (hot or cold)

Published menu with or without VIP enhanced presentation, attention & sourcing 10 business days (request should be submitted with Event Plan)

Menu set less than 10 business days' notice - 10% late charge

3 Standard Menu - cold meals



VIP Simple Refreshment orders

Published menu only with or without VIP enhanced presentation, attention & sourcing 5 business days

Menu set less than 5 business days' notice - 10% late charge

4 Simple Refreshment or equipment orders Unstaffed, delivered or picked up, published menu only by 1pm, 3 business days prior


(i.e. Monday for Thursday, Friday for Tuesday)

Menu set less than 3 business days' notice - 5% late charge

5 Emergency orders Event may be declined. If accepted, menu limited to chef’s choice.  Events with less than 1 (24 hour) business day’s notice

All emergency orders, increases & decreases - 20% late charge