Let Campus Dining handle your catering needs.

Please read the following information pertaining to Catering on Campus: 

Hospitality Services has primary catering rights on Campus.  Under certain outside food guidelines, Oxy faculty, staff and student clubs may be permitted to contract the services of an outside caterer.  Requests by departments for the use of an outside caterer must be submitted for approval to the Assistant Vice President for Hospitality and Auxiliary Services or the Campus Events Advisory Committee (CEAC) at least 6 weeks in advance of the scheduled event.  Students: Please work with your SLICE contact.


NOTE: All private social events and events inviting the general public, including those sponsored by on-campus entities, must use Occidental College Catering Services.


Internal Catering - Charging to an Oxy Account 

Valuable information about Campus Event Planning Resources is available here.

Please read the following information pertaining to new inquiries:

Campus dining is experiencing a high volume of inquiries and requests at this time.  Our response time for new inquiries is 24 – 48 hours.  Please note that all event requests are requests only and not a guarantee of dining services.    

Our office does require a minimum 10 days advance notice in order to successfully execute your event.

How will I know if Campus Dining has received our catering/event request?
All emails sent to Campus Dining will receive an automated email reply confirming receipt of your email.  This email confirms the receipt of your inquiry only and Campus Dining will follow up regarding your status within 24-48 of confirming receipt of your request. 
What happens if I submit my request with less than ten (10) days notice to Campus Dining?  
Although not ideal, Campus Dining will still evaluate your request and work to find a way to meet your request following the process outlined in the body of this email.  Your request will still be evaluated on the next Monday, Wednesday, or Friday based on when it was received.  We highly encourage all catering and event requests be submitted as soon as possible in order to allow all parties enough time to find a win-win solution.  





Category Event Type Description Timeline Late Charge
1 Custom menu - hot or cold
Custom menu - VIP events (hot or cold)
Custom menu, with or without VIP enhanced presentation, attention & sourcing 5-6 weeks advance notice, menu set one month prior to event date Menu set less than 1 month’s notice - 10% late charge
Menu set less than 2 weeks' notice - 20% late charge
2 Standard Menu - hot meals
hot/cold hors d’oeuvres
Standard Menu - VIP events (hot or cold)
Published menu with or without VIP enhanced presentation, attention & sourcing 10 business days (request should be submitted with Event Plan) Menu set less than 10 business days' notice - 10% late charge
3 Standard Menu - cold meals
VIP Simple Refreshment orders
Published menu only with or without VIP enhanced presentation, attention & sourcing 5 business days Menu set less than 5 business days' notice - 10% late charge
4 Simple Refreshment
or equipment orders
Unstaffed, delivered or picked up, published menu only by 1pm, 3 business days prior (i.e. Monday for Thursday, Friday for Tuesday) Menu set less than 3 business days' notice - 5% late charge
5 Emergency orders Event may be declined. If accepted, menu limited to chef’s choice. Events with less than 1 (24 hour) business day’s notice All emergency orders, increases & decreases - 20% late charge
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