Oxy's implementing of Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for all faculty and staff members.

Why is MFA from Microsoft Important?

Given the rise in cyberattacks targeting sensitive data, enhancing our system's security is imperative. The integration of MFA from Microsoft provides an additional security layer to your accounts, requiring a second step of verification, which maintains the security of your account even if your password is compromised. Real-time alerts for any unauthorized login attempts are also generated.

Enrollment Details

Enrollment in the MFA program is a straightforward process, estimated to take less than five minutes. You have several options for MFA delivery, including:

  • Text messages to a mobile phone
  • Voice calls to a mobile, office, or landline phone
  • Authenticator app on a smartphone or tablet
  • ITS-issued hardware security key

To begin the enrollment process, please follow the instructions in our enrollment guide. It should take less than 5 minutes to complete enrollment.

Support and Assistance

For further information or support, contact the ITS support team via email at helpdesk@oxy.edu or by phone at (323) 259-2880.


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