Oxy's network device registration system.

To connect, choose ONet as your wireless network on your device. You will be prompted to log in with either your Oxy credentials or a personal email / phone number. All Oxy community members should log in with their username (not email address—do not include @oxy.edu) and password and will have full access to all Oxy and internet resources. The other options are for guests who do not have Oxy accounts and network access will be limited to just the internet. Oxy community members will be required to register each of their devices yearly.  Guests will need to register every three days.

For any devices that do not have a web browser (such as wireless speakers, personal assistants like Nest or Alexa, or lamps) or devices that connect directly to a service (Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, smart TVs) you will need to register manually. Go to the ONet self registration page, log in with your oxy username and password, click on "Register another device", then enter the MAC address of your device as shown below, and click Register.  A Media Access Control address is a 12 character string unique to every device. It may be written on your device or found in the system information. If you are having trouble finding your MAC try Googling “MAC address” and the product name of your device.

Screenshot of ONet device registration fields

If you have any questions or need help registering your devices please contact the ITS Help Desk at x2880 or helpdesk@oxy.edu.

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