Information Technology Services supports the mission of the college by providing software and hardware, supporting classroom technology, troubleshooting computing issues, offering technology training, and maintaining mission-critical infrastructure, such as campus wireless, networks, servers, and data systems.

The ITS Staff is a team of information technology professionals dedicated to serving the College by aligning ourselves with its missions and goals. We work together and collaborate with the Oxy community as we strive to:

  • Deliver Excellence in Service . We are called Information Technology Services for a reason. We commit ourselves to serving the College by providing effective support, a dependable computing infrastructure, useful computing services, and our wholehearted assistance in utilizing all of our resources.
  • Be Proactive and Progressive . The nature of technology, the role technology plays in our lives, and the technology needs of the college are ever-changing. The ITS team is responsible for staying well-informed about the current state of technology so that we can recommend and effectively implement changes that will serve the Oxy community.
  • Display Openness and Accessibility . Technology affects everyone. A collaborative work style and a devotion to teamwork are at the foundation of a capable and effective IT department.
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