The best way to reach any of us is via the ITS helpdesk at, where we will create a ticket for you and route it to the appropirate team. You can also call us at x2880 or visit us on the first floor of the Academic Commons on weekdays between 9am-5pm.

Vice President for ITS

Vice President for ITS, Chief Information Officer

James joined the Oxy community in September 2010 as Associate Vice President for ITS. He earned the title of Chief Technology Officer in 2012 and that of Chief Information Officer three years later. He has been a member of the senior leadership team since 2013. James has a BA in political science...

User Experience

ITS Helpdesk, Media Services, and Client Services provide friendly guidance and compassionate support for your technology questions, problems, and needs.

Director of User Experience

Jacob Alden Sargent is Director of User Experience in Information Technology Services (ITS). Jacob earned his BA in Music and Sociology from Bates College and his PhD in Sociology from the University of Virginia. He's published articles on gender, labor, and technology and taught courses at Oxy on...

Helpdesk Coordinator

Mason is the Help Desk Coordinator here at Occidental College. His main area of focus is the help desk, where he works closely with the Client Team as well as the student workers.

Technical Support Specialist

Mara is a Technical Support Specialist with a focus on Windows computers. She graduated from Oxy  in 2022 with a degree in Physics, and joined the Client Support team in ITS after working for four years as a student assistant in the ITS Purchasing department. Now, she’s working to provide tech...

Core Technologies

We are responsible for maintaining, monitoring, protecting and upgrading the network infrastructure on campus

Sr. Systems Administrator

David (he/him) is the Sr. Linux Administrator and is part of the ITS Core group here at Oxy. His main focus is to maintain, upgrade and secure the 80+ Linux servers that run Banner, MyOxy, DegreeWorks, and many other infrastructure related servers and services that keep the college IT infrastructure...

Coordinator of Network Systems

Erwin serves as the Network Administrator at Oxy. If you can’t connect to the Internet, it’s probably his fault. Very much a homebody, he doesn’t like driving long distances and is quite lucky that his daily activities are all contained within a 3-mile radius from home. During break times, you can...

Card Office

We are responsible for the ID card system at Oxy, providing access control and vending. Learn more...

Information Systems Group

We are responsible for maintaining Oxy's administrative systems and databases

Web Team

Together with our partners in Marketing and Communications, we offer training, guidance, and troubleshooting help for people who manage academic department, program, office, or club/organization websites on Learn more...

Technical Web Administrator & Product Manager

Attalie is responsible for driving the overall product strategy, roadmap, design direction, and technical evolution of the college’s websites and web applications, with a primary focus on She provides support to the community of more than 300 web editors at the college, and works with...

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