Tips to enhance your cybersecurity practices.

Be Cyber Smart: Protect Yourself from Phishing and QR Code Scams

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Stay informed and vigilant to safeguard your personal and professional information.

Understanding Phishing

Phishing scams usually involve emails pretending to be from reliable sources—such as Oxy, your bank, or a service provider—aiming to trick you into revealing sensitive information by guiding you to counterfeit websites or asking you to download malware-ridden attachments.

QR Code Scams: A Rising Threat

The advent of QR code scams presents a new risk. These scams use QR codes to lead you to malicious sites designed to collect personal information. Here's how to steer clear:

  • Only scan QR codes from trusted and known sources.
  • Verify the URL displayed after scanning before proceeding with any action.
Identifying QR Code Scams

Be cautious about:

  • Unusual or unexpected URL destinations.
  • Any requests for confidential data.

How to Shield Yourself

To fortify your defense against scams:

  • Think Critically: Pause and analyze any unexpected or urgent requests.
  • Confirm Legitimacy: Before responding to requests, confirm their legitimacy through a known and verified channel.
  • Unique Passwords: Create unique passwords for different services to enhance your security.

Responding to Potential Scams

If you suspect a scam:

  • Inspect URLs: Confirm the URL by hovering over links or referencing the URL bar.
  • Report Suspicious Activities: Promptly report any dubious communications to ITS at
  • Educate Yourself: Visit our cybersecurity training page for workshops and resources that can help you stay informed and secure.

    Collaborative Security at Oxy

    Your proactive attitude and vigilance play a vital role in creating a secure digital space at Oxy. We encourage you to disseminate this knowledge widely and report any suspicious incidents immediately. For further guidance, reach out to the ITS Helpdesk at Let's work together to make Oxy a secure digital haven for everyone.

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