This allows you to remotely access files on your network G: and H: drives as well as connect directly to your PC computer on campus if you need access to software installed on your local machine.  You can view, edit, upload, and download files from the Windows explorer directory within Parallels RAS. 

To use OxyAccess, please contact helpdesk@oxy.edu to request access. Once access has been granted to your user account, go ahead and follow these setup instructions below to finish setting up OxyAccess.

How to Set Up RAS for the PC

  1. Determine if your version of Windows is 32 or 64 bit by going to Start \ right clicking on Computer \ go to Properties and look for System Type.
  2. Download and run RAS for PC 32 or RAS for PC 64 depending on your system type.
  3. Install the RASClient-home.msi file using the default options.
  4. If prompted for RDP upgrade choose Yes.
  5. Launch Parallels Client.
  6. Sign in using your Oxynet username and password.
  7. To connect to your campus PC, double-click Remote Desktop.
  8. Enter the PC's Oxy ID (for example, OXY1234) in the Computer field.
  9. Click Connect.


How to Set Up RAS for the Mac

  1. Download Parallels Client from the Mac App Store by clicking the Apple menu and then App Store.
  2. Search in the upper right corner of the App Store window for Parallels, and then click the Get button next to Parallels Client.  
  3. Enter your Apple ID and password when prompted.  You may use a personal Apple ID or one associated with your Oxy email address.  It is a free app so either option is fine.
  4. Launch the Parallels Client app by double-clicking the Parallels Client icon in your Mac's Applications folder.
  5. If the new connection wizard opens, click the Add button.  If it does not, click the File menu and then New Connection.
  6. Click Parallels Remote Application Server.
  7. Type 2xa.oxynet.oxy.edu in the Server field.
  8. Type Oxy in the Friendly Name field.
  9. Press the OK button
  10. Type your Oxy username and password in the Username and Password fields respectively and check the Save Password checkbox if you like.
  11. Click the Login button.
  12. The first time you login, Parallels Client will ask to “Grant access to <your username> folder”.  Check “Don’t ask me again” and press the Confirm button.  The folder that you select here will be shared with the app, and accessible from your remote session. 
  13. Double-click the Oxy entry under CONNECTIONS in the lefthand column of the Parallels Client window to start your Parallels session.
  14. Double-click the icon for the application you would like to run.


To connect remotely to your campus PC: 

  1. Double-click Remote Desktop.
  2. Enter the PC's Oxy ID (for example, OXY1234) in the Computer field.
  3. Click Connect.


How to Set Up RAS on your mobile device

  1. Download the Parallels Client app.
  2. Tap Remote Application Server
  3. Use 2xa.oxynet.oxy.edu in the Primary Connection or Address field.
  4. Use Gateway SSL Mode for the Connection Mode.
  5. Set the Port to 443.
  6. Type Oxy in the Alias field.
  7. In the Username field, enter your Oxy username in the form of username@oxynet.
  8. Enter your Oxy password in the Password field.